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5 Must Have Actions for Affiliates in 2011

Affiliate Marketing is not "as easy as 1,2,3". But I guess you know that by now. It needs constant efforts and taking advantage of all the opportunities in order to succeed in a significant manner. Yo

5 Tools to Boost Software Sales in 2011

Both 2010 and 2011 have been called Year of Conversion Rate Optimization. And there certainly isn’t any mistake in that, given the burst of both knowledge and tools out there on the topic. And the

We Wish You a Happy and Prosperous 2011!

I hope your office/home/coffee place is also filled with a pleasant pine and freshly peeled oranges scent and you feel the slowing rhythm of everybody and everything around you. We are also enjoying

Behind the Scenes: Tips from Affiliate Managers (2)

Continuing our first article on this series, in which you found out how to make sure your affiliate partnership request is approved by the vendors, let's see some tips on how to promote software produ

We’re Heading off to China for the 3rd Avangate Software Conference

Shanghai, here we come! And it should be both business and pleasure, since this is one of the most fascinating cities in China. Alexandra, Adriana, Florentina and Andy will welcome all of you software

Avangate Values Painting School

In case you missed it: Avangate just turned 5 - Happy Birthday, Avangate! :) With this in mind and with a strong desire to unwind, we left the office and went for 3 days to the quiet town of Săcele,
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