Help your Customers be Security Aware

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the US and this brings up people’s attention towards the security issues related to their devices – computers, tablets, mobile, etc. This, along with the fact that the security software market is constantly growing turns NCSA into a great opportunity to push security software to end-users – antivirus solutions, antispyware, firewalls and so on.

Both merchants and affiliates related to security software products and services can benefit from this moment of the year to increase their sales. Plus, it can help “test the waters” for Black Friday / Cyber Monday coming up in November. Below are just a few ideas of how you can monetize this occasion.

If you’re a security solution vendor

  • Bundle 2 or more of your products and offer a discount for the bundle – e.g. antivirus product + firewall, 40% discount on both;
  • Get in touch with other merchants selling complementary software and try to do a bundle with a discount – e.g. photo editor + antivirus, 30% off the price for both. You can easily do this in Avangate, for example, using the network cross-selling feature;
  • Prolong the license duration of one product for the same price – e.g. internet security product, 2 years’ license at the price of 1 year’s license;
  • Offer protection for more devices within the same amount of money – e.g. PC protection solution + mobile protection free;
  • Run a discount campaign to attract new clients.

If you’re an affiliate

  • Depending on the method you promote software products to your customers, also include security titles among those – e.g. content websites should outline security products on their high traffic pages, if you have your own email database, you can run special offers with security titles;
  • Try sending more traffic to the security titles you have listed on your website and see if that increases the sales;
  • Use free online scan widgets from security vendors to increase the chances of your visitors purchasing that product – e.g. Bitdefender QuickScan, Panda Security ActiveScan, Eset Online Scanner;
  • Offer discounts for security titles – you can either speak to the merchants directly about this or, as an Avangate software affiliate, as long as the merchant allows this, you can generate discounts from your own commission;
  • Check out the security vendors’ websites for any promotions they are offering and send your traffic to those pages. If you’re a power affiliate, you can also ask for co-branded landing pages to help you in the purchase process.

Happy and Secure Software Sales! :)

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