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Senior Manager, Affiliate Services
Avangate came into my life when I truly realized that marketing is my true professional area. I'm currently working close with our partners and the Avangate affiliates in order to make this sales channel more efficient.

I used to work in the publishing industry for one of the biggest names in the area, where I improved my writing and communication skills and got in close contact with the latest hardware and software technologies. Having a Telecommunications Engineer diploma helps me better understand how these work.

I'm keen on traveling, movies and going out with my friends.

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Norton by Symantec Affiliate Program – now in Avangate!

Big news in the begining of the summer for all you affiliates worldwide: Norton by Symantec has just launched their affiliate program in the Avangate Affiliate Network, the #1 global affiliate network for digital goods!

Celebrating 10 Years of the Avangate Affiliate Network

It gives me great pleasure to be able to write this post at this major milestone in our history. I’ve been involved with the Avangate Affiliate Network since 2009 and am proud to have helped it grow into the mature and widely recognized #1 digital goods network that it is today.

Of course, all the success is thanks to our beloved clients – both advertisers and affiliates – who trusted the network, helped it gain momentum and sustained its growth over time.

ASW16 Event Wrap-up: What We Learned

As always, going to the Affiliate Summit, the largest global affiliate conference of its kind, is something everyone in the field should experience. For Avangate, it’s a way for us to share our digital goods expertise, discover the latest market trends, learn what the top players are doing, and meet and connect with clients and prospects.


不管您的业务是正处于 SaaS/订购领域还是正在考虑将您的软件产品转为订购,联属营销渠道都是增长销量的一个重要指引。这种情况下应采用一般性的建议来管理联属营销项目。但除此之外,您还可以利用联属营销项目中订购业务的一些特性。

在该垂直市场中,您将看到 2 种主要的在用联属佣金模式:

Нужно ли платить партнерам за продление подписки?

Независимо от того, занимаетесь ли вы SaaS/подписками или думаете о переводе ваших программных продуктов на подписки, ваш партнерский канал является важным направлением для увеличения продаж. В данном случае следует применить общие рекомендации управления партнерской программой. Но, кроме того, вы можете использовать специфику бизнеса подписок в партнерской программе.

Should You Pay Affiliates for Subscription Renewals?

Whether your business is in the SaaS / subscriptions area or you are thinking of turning your software products into subscriptions, your affiliate channel is an important vector to get more sales. The general recommendations of managing the affiliate program should be applied in this case. But, moreover, you can leverage the specifics of the subscriptions business in your affiliate program.

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