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Avangate Control Panel for Affiliates v 4.0

Are you already a member of the Avangate Affiliate Network? Then consider this post as "What’s New" type information. If you aren’t convinced yet, I hope you will become an affiliate after reading

What about when we’re not selling software online?

If you ever wondered what our team does when it leaves the office and hangs out together for a weekend, well… I have some information for you in this post:). However, I don't want to just give this

More Software Sales through Network Cross Selling

I am happy to announce a great update @Avangate: we've just launched network cross-selling that allows Avangate software vendors to sell each other's products, to increase revenues and gain access to

Avangate in 2009 – Happy New Year!

Here we are, in the end of 2009, patiently waiting for the New Year party and thinking about 2009, about the good and the bad and the next year :). We are all proud to have been able to enrich our sof

Meet me at the corner of Product and Market – or else!

It's got to be the single-most asked question in the software business world. Beginning startups - both rolling in VC hay and bootstrapping - ask it. Existing software companies, as they get whacked a

New Year – New Google Realities

When William Gibson said "The future is here. It's just not evenly distributed yet", he could have been talking about how Google is reinventing its search results right now and incidentally altering t
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