Avangate Affiliate Network – Maturity Confirmation

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In mid-January 2013, Avangate attended the Affiliate Summit West 2013 conference in Las Vegas. As always, it went very well for Avangate, especially in the context of expanding our affiliate team and finding new business opportunities. But this year, more than any other, we saw proof that people recognize Avangate as a critical player in the software & cloud services vertical, both for its distribution capabilities and eCommerce features.

Affiliate Summit West 2013

We had lots of visitors during the Meet Market, including the well-known blogger John Chow. Then, on Sunday evening, Avangate hosted a dinner event with great turnout and fascinating conversation. On the educational side, Tuesday featured our session on affiliate program KPIs.

We shared our knowledge in this field, developed through direct experience with our merchant partners. If you missed this session, don’t worry—you can attend our webinar on February 19th, 2013 (more updates coming soon), which will go over these affiliate insights once again.

Following the last shows, we saw an explosion of interest in monetization solutions for free software products, including bundling, toolbars, and even simple pay-per-install or download wrapped in an installer. Lately, we have seen lots of free software apps being launched, so I guess this is a growing trend. Do you have any success stories related to monetizing free software products? I would love to hear some of your thoughts, as we are currently exploring this opportunity ourselves.

Featured in The Blue Book Top 20 Affiliate Networks

I mentioned above the general feeling that Avangate is among the top solutions for software & SaaS distribution. We’ve also received official recognition of our status, as Avangate was recently ranked #14 in the Online Advertising Blue Book among the Top 20 Affiliate Networks. This is a great acknowledgement of the effort spent building our affiliate program over the years. If you look at this list from the software & cloud services perspective only, you will discover that we are among the top 3 solutions, which is fantastic! :)

To conclude, I would say that we have great plans for 2013 in terms of both the Avangate platform and the services that we offer. Of course, any feedback from your side is always appreciated, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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