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Is Your Software Sales Process Stuck in the 80s?

Despite all our advances, a lot of companies are still selling software like it’s 1985. While they may not have acid wash jeans and fade haircuts to match their software approach, they are using old-school sales techniques that just feel… dated.

Когда переходить на универсальную аналитику – и как?

Клиенты часто спрашивают: «Когда мне следует установить код универсальный аналитики?» 

何时应该升级到“通用分析”- 它是怎样运行的?



When should I upgrade to Universal Analytics – and how does it work?

Customers often ask me: When should I install the Universal Analytics code? 

I always reply with the same question: Why do you think you need it? They usually shrug their shoulders and look at me for a smart answer. Since this happens so often, I decided to write a blog post about it. This post will help you determine whether to upgrade, and walk you through the upgrade process when you decide to make the leap.

Conquer customer conversion killers!

Start using one of the 4 most affordable A/B testing tools to improve your customer experience 

A/B testing is a simple process that will help you optimize the customer experience across your website and shopping cart. By testing different versions of key pages, you can easily determine which one produces the best results among your target audience. This is a simple way to remove the guesswork from your design and development process and focus your efforts on finding conversion enhancers.


开始使用价格最实惠的 4 个 A/B 测试工具之一来提升客户体验

A/B 测试是一个简单的流程,可以帮助优化客户使用网站和购物车的体验。只需针对不同版本的关键页面进行测试,您就可以针对您的目标群体轻松确定最合适的版本。通过这种简单的方式,您可以在设计和开发过程中避免无用的猜测,从而将更多的精力花费在寻找转换的增强因素上。

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