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Why Hammers Sell Better Than Your Software

Hammers Sell Better Than Software Back in April my friend and fellow microISV Andy Brice conducted a software vendor survey that highlighted something that doesn't get the attention it should: while

Increasing Software Conversions Part 3

Use a "Tips" Newsletter to Follow Up on a Trial This is part 3 of a 5-part series: How to convert more software trials to purchases. What do you do with customer's email addresses during their trial?

What Does it Take to Sell Through Affiliates?

Part Two – PAD Files This is the second part of a series of blog posts about making the affiliate sales channel bring revenue to software vendors. In the first post I focused on the importance of th

Software Industry Conference 2009 – the 19th Edition

Software Industry Conference - Avangate bears As you probably know, Avangate attended, sponsored and presented at the 19th edition of  SIC for the fourth time this year. I was there with my colleague

How Should Startups Approach ReadWriteWeb

ReadWriteWeb - Web technology blog Bob Walsh's new book, "The Web Startup Success Guide" has just been officially launched on Amazon. As promised in my previous post, here is another example of what y

Avangate reviewed in “The Web Startup Success Guide” by Bob Walsh

I'm really excited to bring to your attention the brand new book written by our friend and collaborator, Bob Walsh.  It's called "The Web Startup Success Guide" and its official launch date is next w
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