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Top 7 Retail Marketing and Commercial Trends For 2023 And Beyond

Over recent years, the retail industry has undergone a significant transformation. This change has been driven by a combination of socioeconomic developments and advancements in technology. Despite th

A Guide to Visa’s Latest Chargeback Rule Update

Visa has recently announced changes to its chargeback rules. Specifically, it has introduced a Compelling Evidence requirement for disputes falling under the Visa CE/30 chargeback reason code.   Thi

The Future of Multimedia Software: Stats, Trends, and Innovations to Watch

Multimedia software has become an essential element of our daily lives. From creating engaging content to sharing it with the world, multimedia software has revolutionized the way we consume and inter

Maximizing Profits: Tips for Recovering Abandoned Carts on Your Online Store

Recovering abandoned carts should be a top priority for all eCommerce businesses. These are among the hottest imaginable leads and allowing them to walk away is leaving money on the table. Crucially,

Industry Buzz – April 2023 

We kick off this monthly roundup with thrilling news – CommerceNow, the leading global eCommerce event, is back with an exceptional roster of speakers, actionable sessions, and exceptional resources

How to Run an Influencer Affiliate Marketing Outreach Strategy for SaaS

Influencer marketing isn't just for tangible products, it can easily be adapted to software and SaaS.  Research has found that 86% of B2B brands see ROI with influencer marketing, so it’s a channel
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