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2011 Was a Great Year. 2012 Will be Even Better.

2011 – A year of tremendous expansion in how we serve our Software and SaaS customers When I end a year, I like to take a moment to step back and appreciate what we accomplished.  2011 has been an

SPAM Action with Avangate Name on it Containing a Malware

This morning, our Risk Management Team detected a massive SPAM action coordinated against Avangate. The messages were sent from multiple locations worldwide. While the action it-self was not in any wa

See You at Affiliate Summit West 2012

Affiliates in the Avangate Network already know this, but here's the "official" announcement: we're going to Affiliate Summit West 2012, set to be the largest event of such kind to date. And, of cours

Partner Relationship Management: Channeling Better Sales Results

Indirect sales channels have always been attractive to companies seeking to augment their sales force, increase market share, remain competitive, and keep in-house employees focused on product develop

Unveiling the World of Real-Time Data Tracking in new GA

What is Real-Time in Google Analytics? Google Analytics (GA) has changed the world of tracking for millions of websites owners and marketers alike. GA has always given powerful insights on data/perfor

The Positive Effect of Adding Negative Keywords

Relevant and targeted keywords are crucial for a PPC campaign. Equally important are negative keywords (or negatives as they are commonly called). Negatives are word filters that disqualify text ads f
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