Over the rivers and through the woods, to China Valley we go

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Unless you’ve been on holiday these past weeks, I’m sure you know by now that we are off to China again. Yep, we loved it so much last time and the feedback was so good, that we’ve decided to re-visit this fascinating culture (one of the oldest in the world!) that just happens to have to offer some of the best dishes on the planet :).

This time we are heading to Shenzhen, an area considered “The Valley” of China. Yep, that’s the center of the Chinese IT & software market.

So on Saturday, 5th of June, I’ll be sharing the conference floor with Tina, Avangate’s finest Asian market sales consultant;) and Andy, our coolest Chinese colleague. What am I saying here… if you are a software vendor from China, you might know these guys probably even better than me.

The debate topic this year: Conversion Rate.
Florentina Chiribelea - APAC Key Account Manager

Here at Avangate, 2010 has been designated “The Year of Conversion Rate Optimization“. During my presentation, I’ll be sharing with the participants our latest tests and research results, obtained by digging deep into different websites patterns. I’ll talk about how our top clients integrate the shopping cart into their website, what strategies they are using to increase sales and what they are testing to get better performance. Some really cool stuff that we are very enthusiastic about and keen to share with Avangate partners.

Andy will talk about trends, markets, statistics in Europe, US and Asia. To be honest, I look forward to his presentation, cause it will be as fresh for me as it will be for you. If you are thinking about expanding your market, his presentation should be a no-miss.

Tina will prove live that it really only takes 15 minutes to start selling a software product after opening an account with Avangate. She will perform a live demo which will also include instructions on how to setup an A/B testing campaign. Hot stuff there, so if you are joining our event, start noting down the questions you never got to ask about our platform. Tina will have the answers.

Our special guests, Kevin Zhou from IObit and Xiaogang Xu of Chilidownload.com will join us during the discussion panels by sharing their experiences with Avangate and the software market, including their affiliate marketing experiences.

We really look forward to meeting everybody there, just as we are impatiently waiting for those long dinners with amazing food and insightful debates and discussions about what it takes to each and everyone to sell software… cause that’s what we do… we sell software online (for 18 years now) ;).

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