Our first Software Selling Conference in China

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Just in case you missed it, we are organizing our first Software Selling Conference in China that will take place on December 5th at the Park Plaza Beijing Science Park.

If until now China was just a very big country or a very fast developing market, now it’s getting personal:  I’m going there and join for a couple of days the Avangate Chinese sales team. Well, I should say we are going there, as 3 geeks and one lady are going to play a very serious and challenging role of the host at the event :) We are going to try to make it fun.

What is this event all about?

For a start I am looking forward to meeting some of our clients I’ve been working closely with on web analytics implementations or a/b testing.  Talking about testing, this is going to be the main focus on my presentation: Effective and tested ways to increase conversion rates. I will also try to make things interesting and hold a workshop just after the presentation, analyzing a website from the audience… depends on who will volunteer. Nothing staged there.

Other presentations at the event will be about global software market status and online channel opportunities.  IObit, VSO Software and other software developers will share what works and what doesn’t on selling software from their own experience. To be honest, I am really looking forward to this one, especially for real live insights from software authors who have done it well.

Secondly, I am eager to meet as many of the software vendors that will join the presentations. Alexandra, my super-colleague who some of you already met and who is “guilty” for making this event come true, told me there are only just a few more seats available, so it looks like it will be a long but very pleasant day.

Last but not least, I am really interested in getting to feel (even if only for a little bit) the Chinese culture. This year I set foot for the first time on Asian land.  Siberia was nice but I guess it can’t get more Asian than China. Chinese customs, food, music, architecture and lifestyle, here I come. :)

北京见 (See you in Beijing! :) )

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