Industry Buzz – March 2024

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Welcome to the March edition of our Commerce Matters Newsletter! This month, we have prepared a series of actionable resources meant to help you discover the power of loyalty programs. Also, you can explore the significant impact of UX micro-interactions on conversion rates, and unlock practical upselling tactics to boost your bottom line in the evolving landscape of online selling. Begin testing new ideas step by step, and you’ll soon be able to witness tangible results.  

As in the next period, there are several celebrations around the world, we want to take the opportunity to wish you all the best and happy moments with your family and loved ones!  

Happy selling!    


Companies are reevaluating their strategies to remain competitive in the wake of global disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Dive into our latest handbook for essential strategies and insights on navigating the evolving world of B2B eCommerce. Discover how businesses are streamlining operations and reducing costs, harnessing the power of digital commerce to stay ahead in the market. 




Discover how these programs not only attract customers but also increase revenue. From cost-effective retention to personalized rewards, we explore the tactics that turn one-time buyers into devoted brand advocates. Let’s delve into the world of loyalty programs, the key ingredient to thriving businesses. 


Feeling ready to launch your SaaS startup into the market? Discover how this essential tool can assist you in setting realistic goals and navigating a path to success. Simplify demand modeling and empower your startup journey. 


LeamifU6EY%3D& how Conversion Rate Optimization can elevate your digital commerce efforts, boosting conversions and revenue by up to 20%. Unlock actionable insights to upgrade acquisition strategies and prevent revenue leakage .




Your digital product is the result of meticulous planning and user-focused design. But what comes after implementing a constant optimization strategy for better user experiences? Explore the world of micro-interactions as we unravel the secrets behind the small details that breathe life into your product. 


The youngest online shoppers are embracing digital wallets at an impressive rate. Uncover the preferred online payment methods across different generations and learn how to harness this knowledge to supercharge your eCommerce business. 


This guide covers all aspects of B2B and B2C commerce in Canada, from market dimensions to shopper preferences, payment methods, and taxation regulations. Gain valuable insights to navigate and thrive in the Canadian digital commerce landscape. 



Uncover the impact of the upselling technique on average order value (AOV) and long-term customer relationships, two essential tactics to boost your bottom line. Check out these proven strategies for sustainable growth as we navigate through best practices and techniques. 


As technology and customer behavior are in continuous development, the state of eCommerce is ever changing. From the surge in digital transactions to the expanding role of social media in shopping, uncover the latest trends shaping the world of eCommerce to find out how to stay ahead of the game. 


In this era of dynamic challenges and unprecedented opportunities, we understand that the need for companies to adapt and excel has never been more critical. With Verifone’s 2Checkout Monetization Platform release, we continue to champion your eCommerce journey, offering an array of innovative features that amplify your potential to elevate online business performance. 





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