Payments and Fintech Events to Attend in 2023

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A new year and a new budget bring opportunities to attend dynamic events which will prepare you to be more productive, inspired, and above all, well-informed.

Your passion for innovation and finance will certainly be fueled by the biggest fintech and payments conferences, which are especially designed to offer you an introduction to all the latest financial technology products and services.

Networking, networking, networking! You know the best way to maximize your professional achievements begins with meeting like-minded people in your industry from whom you can learn. So have no worries, there is already a well-rounded platform for 2023 payments conferences and fintech events to boost your potential.

If you are an eCommerce owner, marketing executive, financial analyst, all-digital enthusiast, or just looking to enrich your business vocabulary, you are in the right place – you can find what you need at the largest financial services conferences held this year.

You can’t afford to miss our solid researched list of payments industry conferences, so grab your agenda and your enthusiasm, and consider the following offerings:


Ibex India

Date: 19-21 January 2023

Location: Mumbai


inbex fintech event


Ibex India is the platform Indian and South Asian bankers use to source information and gain know-how and understanding of innovative technologies and products that can deliver seamless and secure banking. IBEX India will assist banks in bridging the gap between old and new technologies, offering this tradeshow and conference at which you can learn more about financial inclusion, adoption of technologies, and the latest innovations for the banking sector.


Sessions we recommend:

  • Data, Cloud & Compliance: The Anchor to Cybersecurity Transformation
  • Faster and Better Insights for Today’s Enterprises
  • Cooperative Banking 3.0 – What’s Next?


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Future Digital Finance by WBR

Date: 6-7 March 2023

Location: Austin


future digital fintech event


Future Digital Finance is an experience built around the central idea of industry leaders coming together to develop digital strategies that will shape future innovations. Here you can discover how financial service organizations of all sizes are prioritizing digital strategies that enhance customer experience, and meet the people who are creating this change.


Sessions we recommend:

  • All The AI But No ROI? Real-Life Lessons for Designing, Positioning, Communicating, and Executing Enterprise AI Solutions in The Real World
  • Delivering Personalization at Scale in Financial Services


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Money Live Summit

Date: 8-9 March 2023

Location: London


Money Live Summit is Europe’s most senior banking and payments event and unites industry payments and banking leaders to discuss innovative ideas and create partnerships.


Sessions we recommend:

  • Ensuring Relevance and Resilience Through Changing Times
  • Rewriting the Rules: Banking Strategies for a New Era
  • The Future of Retail Banking and Innovation


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Fintech Meetup

Date: 19-22 March 2023

Location: Las Vegas



Fintech Meetup provides you with a great ecosystem for making connections and finding relevant content around three central themes: Fintech Meetup Content, Community Content, and Sponsored Content. Here, peer group conversations are encouraged in order to debate industry specific challenges.


Sessions we recommend:

  • How Fintech is Modernizing Financial Advice
  • Using Data in New Ways to Make Better Underwriting Decisions
  • How Fintech is Transforming KYC and AML


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Pay 360

Date: 21-22 March 2023

Location: London



PAY360 will bring together 2000 of the most senior representatives from banks, merchants, government, investors, fintechs, FIs, card providers, consultants, and solutions providers. This is the conference where experts can network and gather the information they need to have an accurate visualization on future challenges and how to better manage them.


Sessions we recommend:

  • Harnessing the Network-Embedding Environmental Sustainability in the Payments Ecosystem
  • The Recession is Here: Who Will Thrive?
  • The Regulation Rabbit Hole – What to Expect in 2024 and Beyond


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Convergence India Expo

Date: 27-29 March 2023

Location: Pragati Maidan


conv.fintech event


Convergence India Expo is an all-in-one event that offers the freedom to network and find new business partners. Get aligned with technology and solutions news from the digital world, as exhibitors such as IoT India, Embedded Tech India, Mobile India, Fintech India, and Digital Gaming India will showcase trends and best practices to level the financial playing field.


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Merchant Payment Ecosystem

Date: 28-30 March 2023

Location: Berlin



MPE 2023 will bring together over 1,300 individuals for three days of world-class content brought by some of the top industry leaders and solution providers, showcasing cutting-edge payments and POS solutions.


Sessions we recommend:

  • Embedded payments: SaaS Strategy Guide
  •  Innovations in Technology and Experience Reshaping the Payments Business
  •  Payments of Tomorrow – The METAVERSE


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Smarter Faster Payments: Remote Connect

Date: 16-19 April 2023

Location: Remote Connect



Smarter Faster Payments is a unique industry venue with an educational aspect designed for all types of professionals to get together, learn about, and discuss the latest industry trends. Seasoned professionals will receive actionable leading-edge education from Nacha with more than 120 sessions presented by payments industry leaders about ways to drive innovation and deliver value through new solutions and services.


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Payments Leaders’ Summit

Date: 18-19 April 2023

Location: London



Payments Leaders’ Summit will bring together payments industry leaders to engage in discussions with senior peers, with a personalized itinerary of one-to-one meetings and interactive discussions and seminars, for an overall learning experience.


Themes to look out for:

  • Insights and guidance from European payments industry regulators
  • C-Level payments insights and predictions
  • Open Banking to Open Finance
  • The road ahead for cross-border payments


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Date: 24-26 April 2023

Location: Atlanta



TRANSACT by ETA will gather 100+ visionary partners from the payments ecosystem for immersive education sessions on the show floor designed to find innovative solutions that can change business trajectories. The Transact conference is where business gets done, insights are gained, and deep dives from experts in security, risk and compliance, crypto, web3 and the metaverse are undertaken. At ETA you can also participate in the EMPOW(H)ER PROGRAM to experience bespoke content, training, mentoring, and networking opportunities that can help women in the industry advance in their careers.


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Fintech Nexus USA

Date: 10-11 May 2023

Location: New York City



Fintech Nexus USA is setting the scene for fintech, blockchain, banking people to meet their peers to reflect on new industry connections, build new business relationships, and brief on future developments.


Sessions we recommend:

  • Digital Banking: Embracing the Future – Sponsored by Galileo Financial Technologies
  • Credit and Underwriting Best Practices for Uncertain Times
  • Lending, Banking, and Payments: Small Business Fintech Comes of Age


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FinTech Festival India

Date: 16-18 May 2023

Location: Mumbai




Fintech Festival India creates a safe space for experts and leaders to analyze aspects from FinTech, such as Climate FinTech, EmergTech, Payments, Lending and more. Here you can also introduce your innovations, products, or services while discussing financial growth in India.


Sessions we recommend:

  • Leveraging AI to Revolutionize Underwriting and Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management in Lending: Strategies for Identifying and Mitigating Risks in a Volatile Market
  • Exploring the Future of Global Finance: A Conversation between ChatGPT and Bard


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Finovate Spring

Date: 23-25 May 2023

Location: San Francisco


At Finovate you’ll find a high-quality audience and breadth of insights with 1200+ senior attendees.  Financial institutions will discuss innovative fintech solutions, hand out professional advice, and spotlight new discoveries.


Sessions we recommend:

  • Analyst All Stars: How Financial Services Have Been Changed Forever
  • Special Address – Data Analytics: What Does it Really Mean for Community FIs?
  • Capitalizing on Competitive Advantages, Avoiding Moat Mirages


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Seamless Middle East

Date: 23-24 May 2023

Location: Dubai



Seamless Middle East is a global two-day conference with over 500 speakers covering the latest trends, market disruptors, and technologies shaping the payments, fintech, retail, digital, logistics and eCommerce world. Valuable network opportunities come hand in hand with the multi-brand exhibition to spark new ideas and get you inspired.


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Money20/20 Europe

Date: 6-8 June 2023

Location: Amsterdam


money 20 event


Money20/20 Europe is the event where global fintech communities connect and the brightest voices in the industry dive into current challenges and shape together what comes next for the money ecosystem in Europe and beyond.


Themes to look out for:

  • AI
  • Large Language Models
  • WealthTech
  • Open banking
  • Micro-loans


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Fintech Junction

Date: 20-21 June 2023

Location: Israel



Fintech Junction is a global community where business and tech leaders from banks, financial institutions, fintechs, startups, and investors come together to further advance the development of their services, customer experience, and data management on their online platforms.


Sessions we recommend:

  • Data & AI: Privacy vs Personalization
  • Adopting Cloud-Native Infrastructure for Core Banking
  • The Current State of the Fintech Startup Ecosystem


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Fintech Summit Latam

Date: 31 August-1 of September 2023

Location: Mexico


latam event


Fintech Summit Latam addresses how the Latin and US Hispanic fintech ecosystem faces new challenges and promotes inclusion and education by providing advanced cutting-edge solutions for different actors in the industry.


Sessions we recommend:

  • Investment and Capital Landscape in the Fintech Market, is the Adjustment Coming?
  • Regulatory Progress and Challenges in Latam
  • The Evolution Digital Services Offers and How Can it Increase Financial Inclusion


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Sibos 2023

Date: 18-21 September 2023

Location: Toronto



Sibos 2023 is set to host thousands of participants and give them the space to debate and uncover current problems the financial industry is facing. Experts from across the global financial environment can get broader insights of the panoramic risks they are facing while scaling forward-thinking innovations.

Central theme: Progressive finance for a changing world


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World Finance Forum Dubai

Date: 8-9 November 2023

Location: Dubai



World Finance Forum will gather 150 finance leaders to lay out a pillar for organizations to learn from CFOs and finance directors about how to develop new skills that will help them better navigate today’s climate.


Sessions we recommend:

  • How Finance Leaders Can Improve Business Agility
  • Maximizing the ROI of Digital Transformation
  • How to Successfully Spearhead Technology Adoption and Profitable Growth


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Fintech Connect 2023

Date: 6-7 December 2023

Location: London



Fintech Connect is an event with two content-packed days where you can hear from and meet global leaders in digital transformation, payments, blockchain, and regtech space who are driving the global financial technology industry forward. Face-to-face interactions about payments and free content on the exhibition floor are guaranteed to drive innovation.


Themes to look for:

  • Digital transformation
  • Blockchain
  • Regtech space


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Great minds are made through the discussion of ideas. If you participate in any of these events, you’re guaranteed to have opportunities to ask questions, learn new things, and enable your most successful thinking.

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