Optimize Conversions with the Avangate Spring Release ’15

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Digital marketers today realize that conversions do not end with customer acquisition – but that it needs to be a continuous imperative at every step of the commerce lifecycle – thru upsell/crosssells, and into renewals.

The Spring Release ’15 introduces major enhancements, boosting key metrics such as authorization rate, renewal rate and ultimately, serves to maximize customer value.

New Marketing Tools – A/B Testing

The Avangate Marketing Tools repertoire has been enhanced with a vastly superior A/B Testing module. With extended capabilities at your disposal thanks to a comprehensive redesign,  A/B testing tools now offer support for new experiments and new metrics to power optimizations with informed decisions.

Convert more customers by:

  • Optimizing the purchase funnel:
    • Test how conversion is impacted with various customer buying flows
    • Test PayPal Express checkout against other purchase flows
    • Compare single page vs multi-page checkouts, or any other combination of elements; including different placements of add-ons specific to digital goods, cart layouts, design, or style – from widgets to new templates, call to action buttons, font, logos, copywriting, and more.

Basically, if you can change it, you can test it with the Avangate Spring release.

  • Optimizing promotional strategies: Test which campaign works best. Compare campaigns with discounts or without, and test percentage or fixed-rate discounts and coupons, to find the optimal discount.
  • Optimize up-selling campaigns: Test various display options and designs to up-sell products in the cart, including interstitial vs inline placement.

New Growth Services – CRO Services

As part of the impetus to improve conversion rates, we are announcing an extended list of agency partners for CRO services. These agencies such as WiderFunnel and Conversion Sciences represent the best in the industry to boost conversion rates by up to 20% or more!
In addition, there are two new packages that we are launching to help our customers leave no money behind on the table. Contact your account manager to learn more.

Expanded Market Reach

At Avangate, we follow the mantra, ‘Think local, sell global.’ As of the start of 2015, we’re introducing support for additional localized payment methods, continuing our investment into driving high conversion rates by letting customers in markets around the world pay the way they prefer.

  • UnionPay

Especially popular in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore, UnionPay enables you to reach even more customers across APAC. With UnionPay, customers have the option to pay using debit, credit, and prepaid cards, as well as e-bank solutions for a network of 12 major Chinese banks.

  • DirectDebit UK

Direct Debit represents 10% of the UK alternative payments markets, with almost 70% of households across the United Kingdom using it.

New Renewal and Revenue Recovery Tools

Increasing customer value over time and reducing churn are key priorities for all recurring revenue companies. With Avangate’s Revenue Recovery Tools (RRT), retention is no longer an uphill climb, because you’ll be getting the right help when it comes to securing recurring revenue and keeping your customers from churning out passively.

Revenue Recovery Tools (RRT)

The tools provide access to Account Updater, Retry Logic and Dunning management solutions, as well as to powerful reporting, simplifying the process of optimizing your retention strategy.

  • Basic Revenue Recovery

Included with all Avangate Enterprise Edition accounts, the Basic Revenue Recovery tools focus on:

    • Account Updater: Update cards on file pre-emptively to ensure they authorize successfully before a subscription run
    • Basic Retry Logic: includes two retries after an initial authorization for a recurring charge fails
  • Advanced Revenue Recovery Tools

Available to all Avangate Enterprise account as an add-on, Advanced Revenue Recovery Tools focus on services, new functionalities and reports, including:

    • Access to the full Authorizations report centralizing data for Avangate’s automatic recurring backend operations.
    • Recovering more failed payments with Avangate Updater, using a proprietary expiration date algorithm.
    • A customizable Retry Logic service that applies a set of authorization retries to increase the collection of funds for recurring charges.
    • Hard declines recovery with Dunning management, leading to a 15% recovery rate.

Conversion Success Stories – Get Inspired and Take a Whirl

Don’t know where to start? Check Split Test Like it Matters: Tips to Drive Revenues with CRO or watch our webinar on “Top Ten Myths of Conversion Optimization.”

As a digital marketer, you deal with a number of “what if” assumptions on a daily basis in the world of eCommerce. With the new marketing tools for A/B testing and revenue recovery, you can finally let the system deal with the complexity of testing and optimizing your decisions, so your focus can be on maximizing value – of every single customer.

To see all this in action join our product team for an interactive webinar on April 2 and watch a live demo of these new capabilities.

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