Most Popular 2Checkout (now Verifone) Content of 2023

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As 2023 is making room for the new year, we’re looking back at the content highlights of the teams here at 2Checkout that have published these last 12 months to support merchants’ scaling objectives. In this recap of 2023, explore the gems that emerged despite all the challenges we faced together this close-to-an-end year.  

From valuable resources for new-comers to cutting-edge advice and frameworks for seasoned clients, this recap unveils highlights from a year where resilience and expanded insights defined the company’s narrative.  

As we look back on the year gone by, we’re thrilled to present the key moments from 2Checkout’s (now Verifone) content in 2023: 


2023 2Checkout Monetization Platform Release

2023 marked a new release for the tour platform, the 2023 2Checkout Monetization Platform Release, with new capabilities launched in support of our commitment to advancing your eCommerce journey. This comprehensive update was loaded with new advancements tailored to turbocharge your online business.  

Notable improvements featured the unveiling of upgraded APIs for subscription payments, fine-tuned pricing and cart optimizations, and a revamped card account updater for enhanced efficiency. 

Some of the latest features we saw introduced in this year’s release were developed to help merchants: 

  • Boost conversion rates through tailored checkouts. 
  • Elevate decision-making with advanced reporting tools. 
  • Secure recurring revenue transparently with expanded subscription tools. 
  • Increase Revenue Per Visitor with local payment methods. 
  • Streamline payments and drive growth with improved platform performance and redundancy upgrades. And more! 

Short on time or missing the perfect context to watch? We’ve got you covered with our concise wrap-up blog. Quickly read through to get a solid grasp of the insights shared. Additionally, check out the release video for a brief overview. Stay informed effortlessly! 


2023 verifone release


CRO Landscape in Focus

In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, adapting to change is key, and our suite of CRO resources ensures you’re at the forefront when it comes to driving in and keeping your customers happy.  

In the past year, we unlocked the secrets to increasing recurring revenue in our exclusive webinar, Mastering Recurring Revenue: 10 Tips for Reducing Churn. Our industry expert, Shannon MacLeod, Director of Strategic Growth at Verifone, shared a roadmap to reduce churn and maximize recurring revenue. This session teaches merchants how to: 

  • Tackle different types of churn head-on. 
  • Harness data-driven insights for smarter decisions. 
  • Tailor retention strategies to diverse customer segments. 
  • Optimize pricing with customer loyalty in mind. 
  • Deploy renewal tactics that boost sign-ups. 
  • See real success stories from businesses that reduced churn and increased revenue. 


mastering recurring revenue tips webinar



Complement your understanding with our Solution Brief on CRO services, ensuring your business is equipped to thrive amidst industry transformations. 

Bonus: Explore 2Checkout’s comprehensive list of CRO experts and resources in the global digital commerce scene – CRO Knowledge Repository to enhance your user conversion journey. 


How to Audit Your Content Using GA4 – A Data-Driven Approach to SEO and Lead Generation

Ever encountered the 80/20 Rule? Well, in marketing, it leans more towards 90/10, particularly in content performance. You can find this tip and many others in our webinar session from 2023,  How to Audit Your Content Using GA4. 

Unlock the secrets of a successful website content audit with Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder and CMO at Orbit Media Studios. In this session, discover the art of conducting a comprehensive audit using the newly launched Google Analytics 4 to enhance your SEO and lead generation strategies. Uncover insights that have the potential to supercharge your website traffic and conversions. 

  • Identify top-performing articles and pages for exceptional search results. 
  • Track the ROI of your video content at the page level. 
  • Evaluate the performance of your links and calls to action. 
  • Uncover impactful actions that drive maximum traffic and conversions. 

We also have an easy to go through, bow wrapped up blog article, that covers all the main ideas of our most watched session of the year. 

2023 was about innovation and metrics, and we made sure to catch, wrap and deliver to you each emerging one of them, so you can effortlessly grow your business. 



We can’t overlook our major event of the year – CommerceNow’23. CommerceNow stands out as the leading digital event in eCommerce, gathering top industry leaders on stage to discuss the future of digital commerce. 

During our flagship event this year, eCommerce experts worldwide gathered on the virtual stage for an engaging two-day experience in June. The event showcased insights from twelve industry leaders representing companies like Sendoso, Sintra Digital Business, Conversion Sciences, and Adspace. These experts shared practical best practices and strategies, empowering participants to accelerate their business growth and boost revenue. 

Even though CommerceNow’23 took place during sunny days, you can take advantage of the peaceful winter season and indulge in the replays at your own pace, organized by theme, to watch, comprehend, and apply them to your business whenever it suits you: 

Delve into the sessions, and feel free to share in the comments which insights from our speakers you plan to focus on in 2024! 




2Checkout Mobile SDKs

Past year trends of consumers switching to mobile shopping grew even further in 2023. Amid this shift, merchants face a prominent challenge—ensuring seamless and secure mobile experiences, particularly during the crucial checkout step. 

Explore the capabilities of 2Checkout’s Mobile SDKs with our capability focused material, and discover why these Software Development Kits  play a pivotal role in steering businesses towards mCommerce success. Read this resource to: 

  • Discover the mechanics of our comprehensive mobile payment processing kits. 
  • Uncover the benefits of 2Checkout’s Mobile SDKs, understanding how they streamline development workflows and enhance the user experience. 
  • Explore the primary use cases of our software development kits, providing versatile solutions for various scenarios. 

Elevate your mobile experiences and drive success in the world of online commerce. 


Harnessing the Power of AI to Boost Online Sales

Selling goods online, whether physical or digital, has become increasingly complex, especially for those with international aspirations. Staying ahead of the evolving online development context and emerging technologies is crucial in this fast-paced landscape. 

AI technology is redefining possibilities, posing the challenge of identifying optimal opportunities for businesses.  

Explore the answers in this recorded session on Harnessing the Power of AI to Boost Online Sales, featuring AI Conversation Architect Dawn Harpster, CEO Kasim Aslam, Product Marketing Director Abby Hehemann, and Verifone’s Head of Americas Digital Sales,  Michael Nicholas.  

Watch our esteemed guests as they share firsthand experiences and deep-dive into the intersection of AI technology and eCommerce strategies, offering valuable insights derived from years of product development, market research, and global strategy refinement. 

Connect the dots between AI technology and its application in eCommerce by watching this insightful online panel. 




Client Success

The success stories achieved by online sellers in 2023 with the 2Checkout platform include long-term and new-comer Verifone partners such as SwifDoo PDF, AVS4YOU, Incomedia, KOFAX, JivoChat and many more.  

Explore the dynamic ways in which they elevated their online sales through our platform’s capabilities. From implementing effective conversion rate optimization strategies to crafting engaging affiliate marketing campaigns, and leveraging In-Platform Marketing Tools, these success stories highlight the diverse approaches that led to remarkable outcomes 

Join us in discovering the innovative and impactful journeys that shaped their top results in 2023! 


2Checkout Subscription Billing

In today’s business world, subscriptions are ubiquitous among consumers and business users. To ensure safe and steady revenue, subscription companies need a complete recurring billing solution. 

Unleash the power of 2Checkout Subscription Billing’s robust toolkit to forge meaningful connections with your customer base. Enhance the purchasing journey with optimized experiences and state-of-the-art APIs. Simplify invoicing complexities using a potent billing and rating engine. Build loyalty through enticing discounts and subscription upgrade capabilities, while boosting satisfaction with advanced self- and assisted-service options. 

Explore the benefits of our solution, including: 

  • Flexible Subscription Management 
  • Churn Prevention and Revenue Recovery 
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Insights 
  • User-Focused Support 

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your subscription management 


Give me 5 Tips to Choose a Merchant of Record Model

Navigating the complexities of new cross-border markets is made easy with 2Checkout, a leading expert in this field. Our dynamic and comprehensive reseller business model allows sellers of digital goods to take on new markets swiftly and with efficient resource allocation. 

In this valuable episode of Give me 5 Tips To Choose a Merchant Of Record Model, we discussed five pivotal reasons why collaborating with a reseller can provide the commerce support needed to scale across borders. 

For those seeking actionable, bite-sized insights, explore our Give Me 5 Tips series, a crowd-favorite on the site. Delve into all episodes to uncover concise and insightful business recommendations. Stay tuned for more episodes in this series by following our resource page next year! 


give me 5 tips merchant of record


Draw Your eCommerce World Map with 2Checkout Guides

Take on new markets seamlessly with 2Checkout’s dedicated resources designed to guide business owners through the intricacies of expanding their businesses worldwide 

Our resources, such as the insightful guide on How to Localize Your Digital Business for Global Commerce delve into the importance of tailoring strategies to localized rules and behaviors, ensuring a seamless global presence.  

Explore the nuances of taxation in the digital goods eCommerce landscape in the US and Canada, with our resource on Taxation for Digital Goods in eCommerce in North America.  

Additionally, our valuable list of eCommerce country guides has two new additional resources, for the Netherlands and the United States, which provide in-depth insights into the specific challenges and opportunities these markets present.  

Join us in navigating the diverse landscapes of global eCommerce and unlocking the potential for international success. 


Closing the Chapter: Gratitude for a Remarkable 2023

That’s a wrap! As we bid farewell to the final moments of 2023, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who is passionately contributing to their industries and crafting memorable shopping experiences across the globe. Your dedication and innovation continually inspire us to strive for excellence. Thank you for your trust, for challenging us to grow, and for forging partnerships that are reshaping the digital commerce landscape. Here’s to the next chapter—anticipating a year of even greater achievements, growth, and collaboration. See you in the future chapters of our journey—stronger and better together! 


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

from the  Verifone Team!🎆 



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