New pH Metric and the Balanced Landing Page – What’s Yours?

2 minutes

The pH value of a substance indicates how acidic or alkaline it is. The higher the pH, the more basic (or alkaline); the lower, the more acidic. We can think of landing pages and their conversion rates in a similar way. Is a page too acidic and sharp, pushing visitors away with an overly strong point of view that doesn’t relate to them? Is the page too basic and dull, not making the offer clear or compelling enough? Or is something else going on?

To find out all of the things that could throw a page off balance, we looked to renowned conversion scientist – and the inventor of the pH landing page metric — Brian Massey. In this recent webinar, he revealed the science of the landing page, which goes beyond the basic idea of just the sum of the offer and form to explore the important role that other key elements, such as proof, trust and imagery, play in constituting a successful landing page

Brian also shared additional optimization tips, such as the importance of creating variation between your website and landing page templates, putting visitors on the right journey, and connecting the offer to what is known about the visitor. And he even reviewed several real-world examples to detail their imbalances and how each landing page could have been re-calibrated and improved.

Not sure how to provide the right proof, trust, and imagery to give your landing page offers and forms just the right pH balance to convert? Watch the webinar recording to find out:

  • Why balanced landing pages are so powerful
  • How to reverse engineer and build landing pages backward
  • What goes into a making a successful landing page

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