The Channel Never Stays Still

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We’ve been talking a lot lately about the sales channel and how its role keeps evolving, particularly given the shift to the cloud and subscription-based software sales.

We recently noticed that MicroScope UK is celebrating 30 years of covering the channel. In recognition of this anniversary, the magazine is promoting a Looking to the Future survey on the channel. What they are saying echoes our beliefs as well. If one thing has become clear over the past three decades, it’s definitely that the channel never stays still. Rather, as MicroScope notes, the channel is continually evolving and getting ready for the future. Software vendors who pay attention to the evolution of the channel will survive; those who expect to keep doing the same will not, no matter how good their product may be.

MicroScope, like us, wants to get a glimpse of what you think the future holds and where the next few years might be heading for the channel. We urge you to fill out their survey, as the results will surely look interesting. The results will apparently be available in their December issue, so act fast!

Here’s a link to the survey, which only takes two minutes (literally).  It’s short, light on tech topics, and even fun to go through. And while the survey is anonymous, feel free to share your thoughts here on what you think the channel holds for software sales. We look forward to learning from you!

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