Industry Buzz – March 2015

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  • Avangate is very excited to announce its Spring Release ’15, which introduces major enhancements for optimizing conversion rates – fueling customer acquisition at the top, all the way to improving renewals, boosting key metrics such as authorization rate, renewal rate and ultimately, serving to maximize customer value.
  • Did you know that five giants are adopting subscription offerings? Check out their plan to stay ahead of technology changes, consumer preferences, or their younger rivals.
  • The potential value that businesses can derive from the new Services Economy represents the next big opportunity. Here are some great tips for leveraging the power of online services.
  • Six savvy leaders revealed the best-kept secrets that can help any Software-as-a-Service start-up succeed in the industry. Read this great article to learn how these secrets can work for your business.
  • Learn how to overcome monetization challenges and build long-term, recurring revenue relationships with customers in this insightful webinar with guest speakers Amy Konary from IDC Research and Omkar Munipalle, Director of Cloud Strategy and Business Development at Gemalto (formerly SafeNet).
  • Digital media companies have embraced monthly and annual subscriptions as well. Here’s a comprehensive BI Intelligence report that shows how prominent players in five separate categories have tried to build a subscription-based revenue stream alongside ad-based businesses.
  • Out of all of the ways that a modern marketer can reach prospects and boost sales, email marketing may just be the most powerful. This articles presents the great advantages of incorporating email in your marketing strategies.
  • Considered a Conversion Rate Optimization Project and were wondering if it’s worth the investment? Telestream got a ten-fold return on their investment and a 26% increase in conversion rate. Not bad, right?
  • Creating sustainable long-term success for SaaS companies relies greatly on the acquisition of new customers. Here are three marketing strategies you shouldn’t be missing out on, that will help you acquire customers at a fast pace.


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