Industry Buzz – August 2016

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Hi sellers!

As summer comes to an end, people are embarking on their final vacations and are starting to plan for a busy fall.

Take advantage of these resources to help you win in this rapidly changing market.

  • Have you seen our latest webinar with WhichTestWon? Explore the weeds of international sales and answer the questions that will help you dominate the global market.
  • In the next five years, we’ll see a significant amount of growth in B2B ecommerce. Read on for more trends regarding ecommerce sales worldwide.
  • Software is now an integral piece of many traditional products. Learn why more and more companies are attempting to embrace software models.
  • Selling software? Be open and honest in setting expectations around your tools/products . Here are more tips on how to make software sales less “salesy”.
  • Customer churn rates could be considered great for one business and atrocious for another. Find out when churn might be acceptable for your company.
  • Do you know how to create highly-persuasive calls-to-action? There are some tweaks you can make to boost your conversion rates, check them out in Sujan Patel’s insightful article.
  • Report shows that 85% of SMBs are set to spend more money on software as a service products in the coming decade . Here are some changes and possibilities for the future of SaaS.
  • We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Pallav Nadhani, CEO and co-founder of FusionCharts, an industry leader in creating data visualization tools. Check out the entire interview here.
  • Want to improve your conversion rate but not sure where to start? Here are four essential steps to an efficient customer journey optimization.
  • Are you evaluating e-commerce platforms or you just want to see how your current solution stacks up? Based on reviews from hundreds of professionals from companies of all sizes, the G2Crowd 2016 Spring Report will help you compare the best ecommerce platforms out there, so get your copy now!

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