Industry Buzz – April 2015

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  • Save the date: June 11 2015, for Avangate’s CommerceNOW, only event dedicated to bringing together digital commerce peers in software, SaaS, and online services. Get ready to meet some of the leading experts in conversion optimization!
  • Avangate’s commerce solution will support online software sales and physical delivery for Bitdefender’s BOX in the U.S and will also manage BOX’s subscription billing, powering recurring transactions.
  • There are more and more successful SaaS businesses these days and it’s increasingly evident that customers prefer subscriptions. Check out the positive impact of a service-based business and find out how to transform your own.
  • Avangate is putting on a special Conversion Contest! Enter by posting a comment on the blog with a conversion story of your own before May 31. Talk about a success, failure, or simply a learning experience adapting your site for international visitors.
  • Selling globally means acting locally. To help localize your digital commerce program and convert more international traffic, here are some best practices for cultural conversion.
  • Learn how to grow your revenue by increasing your trial activation and conversion rates by watching this 27-minute webinar with Shannon MacLeod, Director of Conversion Optimization at Avangate, and Derrick Maloney, eCommerce Manager at Absolute Software.
  • A SaaS business can be highly profitable. In order to succeed in the industry, though, you’ll need to plan for profitability from the very start. Read this great article to learn how.
  • Abandoned shopping carts are an inevitable reality for every online business. Nevertheless, there are ways to optimize the entire shopping experience to prevent abandonment. Here are three great tips to avoid getting lost in (shopping cart) translation.
  • In one of their latest reports, Forrester forecasts that US B2B eCommerce will grow from $780 billion in 2015 to $1.13 trillion in 2020. Learn more about the trends behind these predictions and see what B2B companies can do to capture their share of the fast-growing B2B eCommerce market.
  • Expanding into global markets may seem like a daunting prospect to marketers. But localizing your company’s marketing, product, and sales content can have a hugely positive impact on your business. Here are six steps to help you get started capitalizing on global marketing opportunities.
  • Check out the full case study with Privax and see what other benefits they have from employing Avangate’s Digital Commerce solution, Enterprise edition.
  • Increasing your SaaS conversion rates can take time and energy. Here are three strategies that will help you gain useful insights into customer behavior and improve conversion rates.
  • Want to make smart tradeoffs when developing software products? Learn how to establish your software development priorities first. Here’s a great article that will show you where to start.


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