4 Tools to Get More from your Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a great tool, but when you use it frequently, it shows some glitches. Having many profiles, trying to access certain type of data can be sometimes pretty difficult.

Here are 4 scripts that can enhance your Google Analytics Experience. They work with GreaseMonkey, which is a really cool plugin for Firefox, which allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript.

Analytics Minibible for Software Vendors

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  1. Show 100 by Lunametrics. Helps you automatically show all your profiles from the website profile list in Google Analytics.
  2. Google Analytics Report Enhancer by RoiRevolution. Brings up tens of new reports in Google Analytics. It also calculates for you “True Time on Site”, which is the average time spent on site, excluding all bounces.
  3. Google Analytics Downloader by Juice Analytics. Adds a highly valuable button to your keywords and referrers reports, stating who sent you unusual traffic. Really great info can be brought out of it.
  4. Cleaner Profile Switching by Erik Vold. With this simple script, when you select a new profile to view, you will see the same report you were just on, but it will be for the new profile which you selected. Also, if you wish to compare reports from two profiles, there is an option to view the new profile in a separate tab. Update: Erik Vold has created a Firefox plugin out of the  Cleaner Profile Switching GreaseMonkey Script, for easier management of the tool.

Its always good not to rely only on the data that Google Analytics serves you. There are many tools that can definitely help you in getting to the desired result: better understanding, more sales.

While these tools will help you get the data faster and easier there are two more cncerns you should be interested in:

  • How good and complete is the data you are getting and
  • How to take actions on it?

To help you with these 2 actions we developed the free Analytics MiniBible for Software Vendors that we have just launched. We hope you’ll enjoy it and don’t forget to leave us some feedback on it.

What do you use to enhance your Google Analytics experience?

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