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The Future of eCommerce – Predictions for 2019

What do the current trends indicate about future developments in eCommerce in 2019? Will we see continued growth and significant innovation, or will digital commerce suffer under increasing pressure f

7 SaaS Pricing Trends and Best Practices for 2019

Have you ever wondered how much your customers are willing to pay for your product? To figure out what pricing strategies are the most popular across the SaaS industry, we at Brand Mentions decided to

Live Panel Wrap-up: Modern Commerce, Defined

Our recent live panel discussion explored what modern commerce is about and how businesses can leverage it to their benefit. The discussion, led by expert panelists who each offered their unique persp

eCommerce Trends for 2019 – Customer Experience, Personalization, and Tech...

The eCommerce Trends Survey carried out by 2Checkout with almost 1,000 companies across the world has revealed the latest digital commerce priorities, challenges, and plans important to them as we app

How to Create Better Forms

What is a (digital) form? In a broader sense of the meaning, a form, is an interface that collects through interactions, the required information, in a logical, meaningful way, and then passes it to a

10 Ways to Stay in Your Customers’ Hearts & Minds

Selling online is a bit of a challenge, we get it. But it's not entirely difficult if you have a customer-focused approach from the very beginning of your online business. In today's world, the custom
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