Avangate Summer ’16 Release: Increase Recurring Revenue with Extended Pay as You Go Tools

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With the Summer 2016 release, Avangate unveils new functionality designed to power recurring revenue momentum, nurturing continuous customer lifetime value (CLTV) growth. Take advantage of the latest capabilities to accelerate time-to-value across the entire subscription lifecycle and fine tune your end-to-end monetization strategy.

Smarter Payments & Conversions

PayPal In-context Checkout

Use PayPal In-context Checkout to increase your conversion rate by providing an optimized, single page, purchase funnel to your customers, empowering them to wrap up payments in just a few clicks or touches.

The PayPal In-context experience is not only fast and streamlined, but also consistent across devices, mobile or otherwise.

1-Scan Bank Transfers

The combination of the shoppers’ preferred payment methods and local currency is a proven best practice when it comes to purchase funnel optimizations.

1-Scan Bank Transfers make it easy for Czech customers to utilize their bank’s mobile application to use QR codes during checkout and complete payments in a matter of seconds using CZK (Czech Koruna). Avangate supports all major banks in the Czech Republic.

POLi real time AU bank transfer

Increase the bank transfer conversion rate Down Under by enabling your customers to use POLi. Popular with consumers in Australia and New Zeeland, POLi facilitates online payments through bank transfer in the local currencies AUD (Australian Dollar) and NZD (New Zealand Dollar). It enables customers to pay directly from their trusted bank account by simply logging on to their online bank and using existing banking credentials.

Flexible Billing Engine and Monetization

Avangate’s Digital Commerce Platform was named the best Subscription Management Solution of 2016 as part of the SIIA CODiE Awards earlier this year. Fresh investments extend the flexibility of metered billing and increase control over the lifecycle of subscriptions.

Extended Usage Billing Model

With the new version, you get additional flexibility when it comes to splitting the total costs paid by subscribers each billing cycle into two components: pre-paid recurring costs and overage usage fees charged in arrears for the metered resources consumed.

You get more control than ever over the mechanism of reporting metered resources consumers while we ensure subscription continuity. And when it comes to managing usage plans for your customers, the Avangate system is elastic enough to handle scenarios from the most frugal of subscribers to those consuming millions upon millions of units each billing cycle.

Advanced Postpaid Invoicing

Use the new overage invoicing capabilities to offer subscribers a clear breakdown of their usage charges.  We’re making invoices as clear as possible by delimiting the pre-paid fees from the post-paid costs for the previous billing cycle. The invoices include a wealth of information such as type of charges, units consumed, unit price, total tax and order amount and invoice status.

Threshold Promotions

Expand your incentivizing tactics with threshold promotions and make it harder for customers to say “no” to high value dynamic bundles of products. Threshold promotions enable you to not only build up your customer base, but also foster your Average Order Value (AOV), by setting order value thresholds as triggers for discounts.

Scaled Onboarding & Retention Operations

The latest developments to customer communication and revenue recovery ease onboarding and provide extended support for your retention efforts.

Redesigned Emails

We’ve overhauled the default Avangate email templates dealing with key customer engagement actions, such as payment / transactions and order fulfillment / product delivery. Optimizations include the revamping of the look and feel and a refresh of the content. We’ve focused on integrated customer engagement best practices to grow your onboarding, conversion and retention rates.

EMV credit cards

Chip-enabled credit cards from Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) are new standard in terms of anti-fraud for the United States, in the detriment of traditional, swipe-and-sign cards. Owners of over 1.2 billion US cards will benefit from the EMV technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions over the coming years.

A collateral consequence of this transition is the fact that due to the costs incurred, issuers are increasing card replacement cycles to 5 years or even more, compared to the 3 and 4 years current norm. A 5 year card replacement cycle impacts the Avangate Account Updater logic used for retention strategies, previously tailored to shorter expiration dates cycles, thus new recycle patterns have been accommodated in our proprietary Revenue Recovery Tools logic.

Channel Communication Enhancements

We continue to remain committed to diversified revenue channels for your business and we’re aware of the importance of messaging both your customers and your partners. This is why we’re supporting capabilities enabling you to align the content, look and feel of affiliate and reseller messages with your brand.

Moreover, we’re building on top of the localization investments from the 2015 Fall Release by adding four more languages to the customizable Partner Portals. With the addition of Czech, Romanian, Greek and Hungarian, the vendors are better equipped to provide a native experience to their resellers in the corresponding local markets.

Watch the Summer ’16 Release Webinar

Watch our webinar to learn the benefits and how-tos behind the Avangate Summer ’16 Release and learn about how this can impact your business today. Read our Payments Data Sheet and the latest customer success stories.


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