Avangate Fall Release ’15 – Enabling Frictionless Selling to Maximize Revenue

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With the Fall ’15 Release, Avangate is extending our platform to further enable frictionless selling. We’ve focused on simplifying and automating customer acquisition, increasing revenue uplift and conversions by driving recurring revenue worldwide.

Fastest Path to Revenue

You can use a collection of fine-tuned carts, available out of the box, leveraging optimized purchase funnels and payment methods. We’ve also extended Back-Up media options by adding support for USBs and introduced new self-service capabilities for shoppers.

Optimized Shopping Cart

Shoppers can now zip through the buying process with one-page checkout while using more of their preferred local payment methods, enjoying a better and simpler experience. The streamlined purchase funnel supports Alipay payments, with support for the Chinese Yuan also boosting conversion rate, as well as Sofort Banking, SEPA Direct Debit and Boleto Bancário.

Streamlined Purchase Flows

Our customers asked us to provide an easy, and transparent flow for business shoppers placing purchase orders. Feedback we received contributed directly to the enhancements around purchase orders to:

  • Shorten quote-to-cash time, by providing customers with prefilled PO forms.
  • Automate the invoice process, with clear payment instructions and due date.
  • Advance programmatic notifications to vendor for key stages of the PO flow.
  • Increase PO acquisition process tracking, with access to email communication to customers.

Extended Lead Management

This great feature enables customers to configure follow-up messages for unfinished payments and abandoned carts the next day after shoppers made the initial order purchase attempt.

Updated Self-Service Tools

The newly redesigned Avangate’s customer portal, myAccount, brings improved navigation and more prominent call-to-actions, boosting discoverability of features and functionality.

In addition, we’ve added advanced self-service capabilities that gives both the shopper and customers more control. For customers, we’ve streamlined refund management, enabling them to limit refunds for orders older than 30 days. As far as shoppers are concerned, they can now remove credit card information from the Avangate system from their myAccount.

Backup USB Support

Starting this fall, you can offer Backup USB options to shoppers, in addition to Backup CDs and DVDs. USB drives are a great alternative branded solution to backup purchased software/services, helping you increase average order value (AOV), effortlessly.

Contact Avangate today to set up and start selling your first Backup USB drives.

API 3.0 Beta

If you haven’t already, go check out Avangate Developer portal and the Beta for version 3.0 of the Avangate APIs. The hub streamlines access to the Avangate API reference and enables you to interact directly with our developers, to easily export documentation and access code samples and Github resources.

Avangate APIs have been updated significantly. The latest 3.0 release comes to the table with:

  • Full support for JSON-RPC, SOAP and REST for Order, Subscription and Product
  • Flexibility of use:
    1. Unified system authentication
    2. API Versioning for boosted reliability and availability
    3. A single API URL per serialization format

Salesforce Connector 2.0

The latest SFDC update delivers:

  • Increased visibility on ecommerce order statuses, through complete synchronization of all stages (pending, approved, complete, canceled, refunded, etc.)
  • Full synchronization of subscription lifecycle and attributes changing (update, extension, renewal status)
  • Advanced synchronization of customer data (to reflect updates/ changes on customer entity)
  • Optimized testing process (now also synchronizing test orders)
  • Event Log Monitor – visibility of data pushed into Salesforce, enabling quick error detection (coming soon)

Maximize Value of Every Customer

Avangate Revenue Recovery Tool Updates

Building on the strong adoption and performance of our Revenue Recovery Tools to fight passive churn, we have extended the Account Updater service to include American Express credit cards in the United States and Visa/MasterCard in Europe. Account Updater updates cards on file preemptively to ensure they authorize successfully before subscriptions expire. This ensures higher authorization rates and offers continuity for services bought through Avangate to the shoppers who changed their card account details due to different reasons: expiration, lost/stolen card, smart chip EMV compliance, etc.

If you’re selling subscriptions and want to boost collection of recurring revenue with a highly intelligent and customizable solution, contact Avangate immediately. Beyond Account Updater, the Avangate Revenue Recovery Tools come with support for personalizable retry logic for recurring charges, dunning management and proprietary Avangate card updater technologies.

Quarterly Business Insights

Because we know how important it is for you to closely monitor your business’ evolution, we’re rolling out automatic Quarterly Business insights including key metrics for your business.

Drive Revenue Worldwide

Use localized payment methods and Avangate’s global channels to collect revenue from sources traditionally out of the reach.

New Payment Tools

With the Fall ’15 release, Avangate is offering Dynamic 3D Secure, fine tuned for international fraud screening based on a range of customizable parameters. The adaptability of Dynamic 3D Secure means that 3DS timid shoppers still get a frictionless experience, with mitigated impact on conversion rate.

Expand Market Reach

The Avangate Affiliate Network sports new updates tailored to solidifying channel communications, conversion rate and revenue collection, including:

  • Custom affiliate categories you can use to filter the best target audience for marketing campaigns.
  • Affiliate landing pages you can customize to attract high value traffic and increase conversion rates.
  • Custom Affiliate Terms and Conditions to enable efficient affiliate profile matching.

The latest collection of Channel Manager’s enhancements offer new features and functionalities to support your relationship with partners/resellers:

  • Increased flexibility in fulfilling bundle products.
  • Streamlined fulfillment (and order completion) through adjustable settings (product delivery now available to partner account users placing the orders).
  • Extended global reach to enable optimized communication in 4 additional interface languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese) on top of German and French.

Expanding International Payments and Taxation

Successful localization requires you to offer the preferred payment method in each market you do business. We’re expanding our payment portfolio in Brazil with support for Elo, HiperCard and American Express.

We’re also happy to announce support for Sofort Banking recurring billing. Sofort Banking and Direct Debit SEPA customers in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria and Belgium can enjoy easy, quick and safe payments for auto renewal charges using Sofort Banking.

In addition, you enjoy full compliance with Turkey and Israel regulations for taxation, as well as the Value Added tax regulations in Europe.

Register for the Fall ’15 Release Demo Webinar

Join our webinar to learn the benefits and how-to’s behind the Avangate Fall ’15 Release and ask questions regarding future updates.

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