Analytics Minibible for Software Vendors v2.0

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It seems the interest for analytics in the software vendors community increases more and more, according to the requests I get by email. I believe in actionable metrics, so I decided to act and publish an updated version of the Analytics miniBible for Software Vendors.

No matter if you got the chance or not to download the first release, here are some changes and highlights in this analytics eBook for software vendors.

Switching to async tracking

When Google Analytics first introduced asynchronous tracking, a lot of people reacted as being one of the biggest improvements in web analytics in ages. The new tracking technology offers better accuracy and affects less (close to zero) the loading time of websites.

The Analytics MiniBible for Software Vendors offers step by step support on how to switch all your tracking needs to the new asynchronous technology.

Knowing the specific of selling software websites, the eBook gives best advice on how to switch to the new code. It focuses on:

  • eCommerce tracking for your sales. Get all your sales directly into your Google Analytics account and correlate it with referrers and user behaviors.
  • Download tracking. Downloads might be your best sales source. There is no excuse for not tracking downloads properly.
  • Creating funnels and understanding the user behavior when buying or downloading a product.

Tracking Downloads

There are many methods you can use to track the number of downloads on your website. However, not so many are showing you the behavior of users that download, their traffic sources and their behavior on future visits on your website. So we’ve nailed a method to do all that.

The coolest part is that this method can easily be used for AdWords conversion tracking. This way you will know how many people clicking on your ads get to download your product. You’ll find all the details in chapter 3 of the eBook.

Playing with segments

Another great feature introduced by Google Analytics was the possibility of applying segmentation. The eBook gives a couple of examples on how to use it in order to check the impact that different segments of your traffic have on your sales or downloads.

Think this eBook answers your needs? Go on, download the  Analytics miniBible for Software Vendors. It’s free.

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