A/B Testing to Increase Conversion Rates

2 minutes

Sometimes the best tests don’t tell us anything at all. When we go to the doctor, for example, we probably hope that our test results are negative. But when we get into things like CRO, we suddenly start hoping for hugely positive outliers, like a 100% lift in conversion rate. Sometimes, though, a test will show that changing nothing will maximize our revenue.

While it may seem like a failure to have a test that produces negative or neutral results, it’s actually helpful to identify an element that doesn’t affect the shopper experience much, because it allows you to focus on the elements that do matter – and learn valuable insights about shopper behavior. Our recent webinar with Movavi on A/B Testing to Increase Conversion Rates includes an example of a test that didn’t “produce a winner”, but enabled Movavi to stop the test early and focus on other test ideas. The two “winning tests” produced a 15x return on investment for their CRO program.

This 30-minute webinar tracks Movavi’s work with Avangate and Sellpoints to improve cart conversion rates. Sellpoints conducted qualitative research by polling shoppers and found that a perception of high price, as well as confusion about the digital delivery method and download insurance offering, were all affecting conversion rates. So Movavi decided to test each of these elements separately, adding elements like a money-back guarantee to reduce risk around perceived value, as well as text links and modal windows to help users understand digital delivery and download insurance.

So, are you curious to know which element produced a 5% lift, which produced a 22% lift, and which produced neutral/negative results? You’ll have to watch the webinar to find out:

A/B testing tool webinar

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