Innovative Software Companies — Win a Scholarship to attend the Business of Software Conference

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I don’t know about you, but for me the past year has flown by.  Another year of me lamenting the stock that I should have bought 12 months ago (this year it’s Tesla), another year of me cursing the latest Apple product I bought is already being replaced by a newer model, and of course another year of some genius start-up software developer with a brilliant idea that will change the world.


It’s that last point that brings me to the topic of the Business of Software (BoS) — now not all the folks who attend BoS are whiz kids — but they are some of the smartest, driven people that I have met and they are focused on bringing innovation through new business models and entrepreneurial creativity.   The BoS organizers have created a conference and a community that fosters interactions and real conversations with folks such as Dharmesh Shah, the founder of Hubspot and Gail Goodman, the CEO of Constant Contact — seasoned entrepreneurs who have built successful software companies and who have a genuine desire to help and share their knowledge with founders of young companies.

Avangate has been attending BoS for the past 4 years and I can say there is a difference between BoS and the many other industry conferences that I go to each year.  The community vibe, the real world experiences and most of all —  the passion that is shared among folks at BoS goes way beyond the typical presentation, keynote and panel formats of most conferences.  It’s this dynamic which makes BoS truly unique and a must attend for anyone who is looking to build a successful software company.  Plus the folks at BoS are a real blast to have a beer with and share ideas.

So with all those glowing comments about BoS, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we are thrilled to be offering scholarships to attend BoS again this year.

Software, SaaS, and Cloud Services businesses can apply for a scholarship which includes admission to the BoS conference, October 28-30 in Boston and a networking dinner with software industry leaders during the second night of the conference. But do it fast. The deadline to receive applications is September 15th, 2013. You can also find more details on the official BoS page.

Good luck and I hope to see you in Boston for the BoS Conference, Oct 28-30.

In the meantime, I’m hoping that Apple doesn’t launch the Retina Display version of the MacBook Air by the time you read this blogpost…

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