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How to Optimize Content on eCommerce Product Pages to Drive More Traffic

One of our recent webinars began with an astonishing statistic: It’s recently been predicted that by 2040, around 95% of all purchases will be made via eCommerce, and it’s likely the pandemic has

Industry Buzz – February 2022

The eCommerce world has been constantly evolving over the past two years. Given the current dynamics in the industry, it’s more crucial than ever to stay up to date with the fresh trends. That’s w

How to Perform a Great SEO Audit of Your eCommerce Site

Introduction Performing a regular SEO eCommerce site audit should be part of your online marketing strategy (if it isn’t already). As an eCommerce business that wants to have a steady growth, your w

How to Optimize and Use Online Marketing Campaigns for Success in 2020 – Comm...

This past June, 2Checkout was the proud host of our fourth CommerceNOW 2020 online event, bringing together some of the greatest minds in eCommerce, digital marketing, conversion rate optimization, cu
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