How To Leverage Your Top Affiliates

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If you want to maximize your affiliate sales, you’ve probably segmented your affiliate base by now. This is one essential step to grow a healthy affiliate program.

It is a mistake not to offer your top affiliates preferential treatment, because you need them to be happy and loyal to your partnership. Let’s say you define your top affiliates by the number of sales they have each month, or by the total sales volumes they generate for you. Regardless of the criteria you pick, you’ll need to set aside some extra time in your affiliate management schedule especially for them.


So how you can get the most out of your top affiliates?

  • First, you need to engage with your top affiliates directly.

Don’t just send them regular emails with the latest offers, but keep in continuous communication with them across all channels. In particular, we advise you to follow your best affiliates’ social media accounts and try to interact when the time is right.

  • Make time to meet your top affiliates.

If your budget allows, you can always book a flight and go meet one of your best partners, or at least try to grab a drink with them at industry events such as the Affiliate Summit or International Performance Marketing Awards. Face time is the best way to strengthen any kind of relationship, even if it’s a business one.

  • Always prioritize your top affiliates’ problems and requests – if they have a technical problem or need your help in any way, respond as quickly as possible.

You may not be able to solve every issue or gather all the needed information right away, but a prompt response detailing when you’re going to be able to provide a complete answer is the best step you can make toward becoming their favorite partner – it’s all about trust.

  • Always show your top affiliates how valuable they are by offering them special deals and prizes, bigger commissions and exclusive discount coupons.

You can also organize a “Top Club” contest just for them. The competition may be stronger at the top, so the prize you give them should be of similar value – let’s say, a collaboration or an interview, a special badge they can place on their websites, even extra detail on your products – something you share exclusively with them, all for the right reasons!

Armed with this information, you can now start building a simple yet effective strategy to target your top affiliates to drive even more sales.


What other tips do you have for engaging top affiliates?


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