Industry Buzz September 2020

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Hi, sellers! The last quarter of the year is just beginning, so all eyes are on the targets we set for 2020. To help you achieve your objectives, we are debunking payments myths, showing you how to craft the perfect SaaS onboarding flow, and sharing how to set the price for a product.

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As you may have already heard, we are happy to announce that 2Checkout has been acquired by Verifone, a leading global provider of payment and commerce solutions. Together, we are aiming to keep on working towards further simplifying the complexity of digital commerce. These are exciting times and we are looking forward to our continued partnership in this next chapter of growth.


Find out how Reveal Sound is scaling online sales internationally with our the 2Checkout digital commerce platform. Since switching to our all-in-one monetization solution, the music software company has experienced a revenue boost and an improvement to its overall eCommerce operations. Here’s to many more success stories like this!


For businesses to successfully navigate the world of payments in a digital economy, they should see beyond myths around modern payment methods. Such myths are only causing businesses to offer stress-inducing payment processes to their customers, ultimately leading to plummeted profits.


In this webinar, our experts are taking an in-depth look at payments security & technology and how they are being shaped by biometrics. Regulations like SCA and PSD2 that govern the security of online payments are paving the way for shoppers to use new technological authentication mechanisms. User biometrics are now governing online payments and it’s important for merchants to keep up with the latest trends.


Your visitors will look for a great experience on your website, so if you want them to give you their business, you should invest in this direction. Help people learn something about your business or industry, make it obvious that you’re offering support, and have a clean website, that’s not cluttered with a lot of information. You’ll see traffic and conversions increasing in no time.


Performing an SEO eCommerce audit involves evaluating the current performance and health of your entire eCommerce website. As an eCommerce business, your website is directly impacting your revenue, so it’s best to keep an eye on how search engines are indexing it. Optimizing it according to the best practices of your vertical, search engines algorithms, and rising customer expectations should be a priority in your online marketing strategy.


In a post-COVID world, companies have learned that it always helps to be prepared for the unexpected. The business can go on only with a well-executed crisis response plan. As 2Checkout found out, in our most recent survey, 28% of companies are expecting the worst, while about a third of merchants (32%) expect the current pandemic to have a significant negative impact on their business. They hope to mitigate the impact with a well-executed crisis response plan.


Data shows 40-60% of people who sign up for a SaaS app only open it once. You can turn statistics around by making sure you’re not ignoring your product’s user onboarding flow. These product-led SaaS onboarding lessons come with live examples from Slack, Keap, Calendly, and more so you can improve your onboarding, convert and retain new users.


Determining the price of a product depends on your competition, costs, objectives, and buyers. This guide explains how to set an appropriate price for yours. And don’t worry if you’re getting it wrong in the first place, your pricing will change anyway as customer demand evolved and competition changes. No price is ever permanent.


Our latest eBook uncovers what you need to know when selling online in Germany. And if you’re not selling here yet, you’re missing out: Germany’s economy is the fourth largest in the world, and a sought-after market for online sales. In order to be successful here, merchants need to understand its customers’ unique buying preferences and the country’s eCommerce ecosystem – this is exactly what you’ll learn from this eBook.


eCommerce in Germany


Good luck with hitting your targets! What’s the business objective you’re focusing on, at the moment?


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