Industry Buzz – November 2019

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Hi, sellers! How’s your eCommerce sales volume this time of the year? We hope it’s soaring! However, there’s always room for improvement. So we advise you to give marketing automation a try, revise your onboarding process, and raise the stakes of your content marketing game. These actionable resources will not only help you sell more this time of the year but they will also give your online business an uplift in the long run.

Ready to sell as much as you want?

The time of the year when online sales are taking off is already here. If you want to take advantage of this shopping wave, you should have a holiday selling strategy in place. However, we recommend you look at our tips, you never know what you might have overlooked. Offering your buyers a flawless shopping experience all year round, especially when it’s a seasonal sales period, is vital for accomplishing your business objectives.

Email is a great place to start your marketing efforts with. But if you want to see your eCommerce business flourish, then marketing automation should be a priority as well. Not only will it help you reach out to your customers right where they’re at in the customer lifecycle, but it will also help you meet their needs easily.

Do you consider your onboarding process effective? Well, no matter the answer you have for this question, there’s always something to enhance. Take the time to go through this comprehensive guide on how to build a seamless and effective onboarding experience. It will definitely inspire you to change or test something new in your strategy.

A sustainable growth process for any SaaS company should be backed by a flawless retention strategy. Not only will it help save money, but it will also gain you advocates who will spread the word about your product. Always keep in mind that spending on acquiring new users is pricier than retaining existing ones so meeting your customers’ needs to keep them around should be your top priority.

Being agile is the latest trend in many digital organizations in terms of product development. However, the same organizations fail to track key metrics like value, speed, collaboration, progress, team maturity or quality. This webinar will teach you what performance indicators to measure when working in agile team environments.

Content marketing is still one of the industry’s buzzwords, only gaining more popularity over time. It’s a versatile marketing approach, meaning it is effective for most businesses out there and it also encourages long term customer relationships. Creating lengthy, meaningful and well-documented content helps buyers understand how to achieve success using your product, but it also helps to attract new customers.

If you are struggling with an eCommerce provider that provides a poor order tracking system, making it almost impossible to analyze sales results by channel, you should read about how Easeware overcame this problem with help from 2Checkout. It’s time to eliminate the guesswork when it came to planning and budget allocation.

Have you heard about our exciting announcement? We have extended our partnership with PagBrasil, to have a stronger payment offering in LATAM! Our clients can now sell easier into Brazil, the largest eCommerce market on the continent.

Preventing fraud has always been a major concern for online business owners. Fraudulent transactions have an impact on revenue and they also put user trust and lifetime value at risk. Therefore, setting up real-time fraud detection and prevention systems is essential in fighting online payment fraud effectively.

Are you stuck in finding new conversion rate optimization strategies to try out? This webinar will provide you with useful ideas that meet your shoppers’ online buying preferences. Product pages, shopping cart templates, cart flow, the checkout form, location of cross-sell offers, boosting credibility and social proof, auto-renew opt-in rate, and trial sign-up forms are just a few things you can test which have potential to lead to increases in revenue.

Now it’s time to put that selling strategy for the holiday to work!

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