Industry Buzz – July 2023

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It’s time to embrace the summer vibes as your online business enters a season of unlimited potential. Whether you’re just starting or already thriving, scaling opportunities abound.    

With the sunny season in full swing, we present this month’s roundup brimming with actionable insights. Learn how to take your business globally and tailor the shopping experience to your customers’ preferences for an unforgettable journey. Discover effective eCommerce trends and strategies to elevate your online venture, stay updated on the recent payments insights, and implement best practices for optimizing your online shopping cart to increase conversion rates and boost your sales.  

We are also thrilled about the recent launch of the new Verifone brand and website. As Verifone continues its journey as Payment Architects, this rebranding showcases our unwavering industry leadership. Explore the new Verifone global website today, and witness the transformation firsthand!  

Happy selling!   


We’re honored to have been recognized as the Best Payments Solutions and Best eCommerce Conversion Solution of 2023 for our advanced capabilities that allow merchants to seamlessly scale their online businesses across the world. 




The key to eCommerce success is tracking the right metrics. Find out how you can gain valuable insights into your customers’ behavior, improve your conversion rates, and boost your revenue with the power of data-driven decision-making.  


In the modern world of accelerated digital advancements, the tech landscape of eCommerce is regularly evolving. Check out the latest eCommerce tech trends that can redefine the digital commerce industry in 2023 and beyond.  


Looking for fresh new ways to hyperboost your website traffic and conversions? Watch this free webinar with Andy Crestodina, Co-founder and CMO at Orbit Media Studios, to learn how to conduct a comprehensive website content audit using GA4 and elevate your SEO and lead generation strategies. 




When it comes to Conversion Rate Optimization, the reality of A/B testing tools doesn’t always align with the real-world outcomes you experience. Find out how to navigate this reality gap, and why it’s important to approach A/B testing results with a critical eye.   


When it comes to selling software, your website plays a pivotal role in showcasing the true value of your product and driving increased sales. Discover these seven SaaS website best practices that will boost conversions along with real-life examples that will lead you in the right direction!   


Are you struggling to optimize your shopping cart for maximum conversions? Check out these shopping cart customization tips, designed to help you optimize your checkout process and boost your sales. 




In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, a smooth and convenient checkout experience is critical for increasing conversion rates and income. Discover what express checkout entails and how it can prevent your customers from leaving without completing their purchases.   


It is known that consumers change their minds frequently and keeping them engaged is one of the most challenging aspects. Check out these six growth hacks that will help you scale your online business quickly.   


Last month our flagship global virtual event, CommerceNow’23, brought together some of the brightest minds in the digital commerce space to share valuable insights and practical best practices on innovating your online sales. Missed the live event? No problem! You can now access the sessions on demand through our website. 




Anticipating the months ahead in eCommerce fills us with excitement. The industry’s continuous growth is truly inspiring, and we are fully committed to being a part of it. We’d love to know, what aspect of your growth journey are you most eager to embrace these upcoming months? 


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