Industry Buzz – February 2017

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Maximizing renewals, fighting churn and making freemium work for you. If any of these topics sound interesting, keep reading: in this month’s industry buzz, we share some great content on how to keep customers around and optimize the customer journey, among other useful tips.

  • Want to discover proven retention and renewal strategies that prevent customers from canceling their subscriptions? Join Subscription Insider and Avangate on March 23 and learn why SaaS subscription businesses face unique customer retention challenges and how to best handle them.

maximize saas renewals webinar

  • Before you even think about recurring revenue, you want to accelerate acquisition. A classic growth strategy for SaaS is through “freemium”. It’s important to focus on freemium to premium conversions, creating a freemium product that is interesting and useful enough to entice users but that leaves them wanting more. Learn how.

freemium or premium for SaaS


maximizing trial conversions software webinar

  • It’s clear that both conversion optimization and digital marketing move at a fast pace today. Want to know what are the skills someone should develop if they want to be a top 1% optimization expert in the near future? Then keep on reading, and learn from today’s CRO experts.
  • Talking of optimization, tracking the customer’s journey through a sales funnel, website user path, is one of the top priorities for marketers nowadays. Take a look at how marketers can focus on the micro-moments and serve up targeted content at just the right time across multiple channels.
  • Finally, do you know what eCommerce goals should you set and how much you have improved at the end of the day? Download this eBook for best tips on how to use web analytics to gain access to actionable data that they can then use to make day-to-day business decisions.

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