Industry Buzz – February 2015

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Hi sellers!

We’ve collected great tips this month to help you improve your strategies, as well as building off the industry’s deepest set of tools to support the entire digital commerce lifecycle. Subscribe to our newsletter and take advantage of dedicated resources that’ll help you grow your software and services business globally.

  • Products are dead, holds the new services economy era. It’s high time you deserted this sinking ship, but do you know what it really takes to productize a service – and monetize it? Learn more by checking out Michael Ni’s great presentation at How to Web.
  • Curious to find out the key trends shaping the evolution of eCommerce globally? Stay ahead of your competition and start your international expansion by considering these insightful tips.
  • Cash, credit cards or electronic wallets – do you know your customers’ preferred method of payment? It’s your job to knowing your target market’s preferences, so don’t miss out on this report to gain insight on buying habits.
  • Discover the most insightful and sometimes surprising test results that often contradict the idea of a “best practice” in terms of conversion rate optimization, in this interesting experts’ debate.
  • Your customers are embarking on a journey through their digital life. Offering guidance specifically tailored for each stage of this life will enable both of you to maximize profits.
  • The number of SaaS businesses is increasing at a fast pace, but there’s no guarantee that all of them are enjoying incredible success. All SaaS startups should undergo regular health checks and gather metrics to determine whether they’re on the right track.
  • Here’s all the information you need to develop a successful customer acquisition strategy for your Software-as-a-Service business. Learn what CAC is, why is it important and most of all, how to calculate it.
  • Find out how split-testing can immediately increase your revenue. First tip: isolate one variable at a time to show what actually moves the needle.
  • Don’t forget to enter the Race to the Top contest for affiliates, an incredible opportunity for all Avangate merchants to increase their revenues by incentivizing their top affiliates to promote and sell more of their products and services to advance in the contest’s ranking and potentially win.
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