Industry Buzz – August 2017

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Looks like autumn is already claiming its territory, bringing along new business trends, consumer insights, marketing solutions and cloud strategies. As usual, we’ve gathered the most comprehensive and efficient resources out there to help your business thrive this season!

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As a software or SaaS entrepreneur, you already know how difficult it is to decide upon a digital commerce platform to use for selling your products or services online. That’s why our next webinar is a great starting point for figuring out which solution will be the best fit for you.


Long gone are the times when little did we know about consumers and their shopping habits. Now, they connect to the internet on different devices and give us an insight into when they want to buy something, how long it takes for them to decide and even why they buy some product in particular. Given this information, it is clear that the buying journey is continuously evolving and reshaping brands and consumers, making both of them digital to the core.


SaaS & Subscription-based business models have gained a lot of ground in the last few years and they are still on the rise. Of course, there are huge benefits of this SaaS app explosion, but there’s also a certain concern regarding how difficult it is for people to juggle between them. Have you confronted with this issue before?


Efficiency, agility and speed are the main advantages of cloud, but this solution also comes with security doubts. These might not always be applicable, but they are still concerning business decision-makers who consider deploying cloud solutions. Fortunately, this comprehensive guide will help them decide faster upon a solution and also build an efficient strategy against potential cloud security threats.


Reducing churn is the ultimate goal for any subscription-based business, but most retention strategies neglect one of the biggest and most recoverable causes of lost recurring revenue: failed payment authorizations. Implementing strategies to reduce and/or recover declined authorizations is one of the best investments any recurring-revenue based business can make.


A good business book is always a resource of inspiration for an entrepreneur. There are plenty of great SaaS books out there, but which ones are the very best of them? We asked experts like Max Altschuler, Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, Phil Wainewright‏, Aaron Ross, Ian Moyse, Andy Mura and they kindly shared their favorites. The fall has just started, so you’ve got plenty of time to read them all!


At some point in your marketing career, you must have struggled with issues like how to provide the best customer support, how to write emails your subscribers actually want to read or how to engage users with your webinars. Look no further, because these pain points – and many more – have been discussed by some of the great marketers out there and they also provide efficient solutions for your marketing issues.


Affiliate marketing is an efficient growth channel for software and SaaS businesses, but reaching success takes more than just signing up for network. With a properly managed and optimized affiliate program, sales can go up with 25% on average. Defining and following the best strategy to increase affiliate sales is not an easy task, but this e-book has all the answers to your questions.


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