How to Acquire Customers that Convert

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This month, we’re partnering with Avangate for a webinar on optimizations to the customer journey, from impression to conversion. Software, SaaS and online service companies have their own set of unique challenges when driving users to convert.

In order to achieve those coveted conversions, you need display advertising and onsite optimizations to guide your customers to the right place (also known as the checkout page). Here’s a highlight of what we’ll talk about in the webinar:

Impress the Right Audiences 

With the help of data, you can know narrow your audiences to the point that impressions are only served with contextual and highly relevant messaging. One of the biggest mistakes a marketer can make when using display ads is to assume that all visitors are the same. If a user viewed a page about women’s fitness apparel, it doesn’t make sense to show an ad for body wash. Using audience segmentation gives you the ability to tailor ad messages to users throughout all stages of the purchase funnel . If a visitor only looked at your main page, you can target them with ads that communicate general brand awareness. If they viewed a product page, you can display an ad that centers around your product offerings.

Don’t Disrupt the Customer Journey

Email has its time and place in the abandonment cycle (and we’ll discuss the benefits of email below), but why wait until a user has left your page to engage? Onsite overlays are the unsung heroes of onsite abandonment prevention. They can decrease the need for post-abandonment emails when launched at specific times during the user journey.

The challenge of overlays for software, SaaS and online service companies is in getting your message in front of your user without interrupting the user experience. That’s why timing is everything. Everyone has arrived on a page, excited to read an article or see a specific product, only to be bombarded with an overlay that prevents them from viewing what they’re there to see. Onsite overlays that are configured to pop on specific pages and when specific actions occur i.e. attempt to exit, attempt to return to search results or inactive browsing session, allow you to engage with customers who attempt to abandon without interrupting the user experience.

Email at the Right Time

Email is a tried and true tactic for recovering lost revenue. A study by showed that on a daily basis consumers interact with 11 brands on email (compared to 9 on Facebook and 8 on Twitter) . The good news is email is a proven medium for reaching your customer. The bad news? Your competitors know that too. Now the challenge is standing out among the crowd of emails that flood your customers’ inboxes on a daily basis.

At Ve, we recommend a specifically timed cascade approach for getting your emails opened. When a user leaves your site with products in their cart, send a re-engagement email within 35-45 minutes of abandonment. We always recommend to recreate their abandoned cart in the email. It will remind them what exactly they left behind and hopefully inspire them to complete their purchase. If the first email doesn’t work, try again! Send a second email, but this time include an incentive. In the webinar, Sam Siegel – Director of Account Management at Ve Interactive – will share how to offer the best incentive without hurting your profit margins.

Unifying traffic drivers and conversion optimization strategies is an organizational challenge for many brands, but it yields results when you take the time to put the right tactics in place. In the webinar, Cole Armstrong – Director of Global Marketing, WPS Office – will discuss the campaigns implemented by Ve and Avangate that resulted in a 34 percent month-over-month revenue increase.

Join us Wednesday, March 30 at 1 p.m. EST for more optimization tips and a closer look at WPS Office’s success. Register here. See you there!


This is a guest blog post by Samantha Hird, content manager at Ve Interactive.



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