First day of ISDEF, 2008

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The Avangate team arrived in Moscow yesterday around noon. I soon found out that the traffic is very busy, and although this year the conference takes place at an excellent location at Holiday Inn, it’s still outside the city.  Hopefully we will have time to do some visiting – at least Moscow’s Red Square on Sunday evening.

Me with the lovely ladies from

Now, the conference started with the Barbeque party – a very good occasion to meet with some of our friends and partners (plenty of competition here as well).

For me, the highlights of the evening were meeting with the nice ladies from Softpressrelease and chatting with Anna – Affiliate Manager at Movavi. That reminds me I still owe her a beer! See more Avangate pictures from ISDEF Autumn 2008.

Today at 15:00 we will have the Vendors Panel, where we are going to answer questions coming from software vendors. I think it will be very interesting to see how things have evolved in the industry since the last year event.

Tomorrow, the most interesting sessions will be about Marketing and Internet Promotion. We will also have a presentation about eCommerce myths: True?! or False?! where my colleague Eugen Rosca will take his role of myth buster.

As a special note, Intel is also participating at the event this year – just another sign on how ISDEF grew in the last years.

That’s it for now; I’ll keep you posted with fresh news and juicy details!

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