eCommerce Holidays and Celebrations: 2020 Calendar

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A new year means a fresh opportunity to unlock your full sales potential. We believe that a holiday calendar is a must for any eCommerce business that wants to boost its revenue.

We’ve gathered some key celebrations that generate the most eCommerce revenue, which will hopefully help you plan for the coming 12 months.

But first, let’s share some eCommerce stats that you need to know:

So, in the short and the long term, it’s clear that eCommerce isn’t going anywhere and continues to evolve.

If you are looking to enter new markets or want to stay on top of major shopping holidays around the globe, this will help you achieve your goal. We’ve started the planning process for you.

A few quick tips before you get started:

  1. Pick the holidays you want to target and set goals around them
  2. Always start your campaigns ahead of time
  3. Personalize, personalize, personalize
  4. Spread the joy on all channels (social media, email, advertising, online communities etc.)
  5. Decide which discounts are suitable for which holidays
  6. Make sure your customer support team is very well trained and prepared to deal with difficult customers and stressful situations
  7. Choose a robust eCommerce platform that has the infrastructure to cater to busier times
  8. Make sure everything’s working fine with your analytics, so you can monitor your website’s performance, the traffic, purchase flows, and so on

With all that said, here is the eCommerce calendar for 2020 that any marketer should have. Make sure to print it, pin it to your desk, and pass it on to your colleagues.

eCommerce Holidays and Celebrations: 2020 Calendar

It may sound cliché, but take a moment to look back and gain insights from what you have accomplished in 2019. It’s a good moment to learn from the things you’ve done right as well as the things on which you’ve missed out.

What other holidays are you celebrating? Don’t hesitate to drop us a comment with more festivities.

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