Blooming Customer Experiences with Avangate 2012 Spring Release

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This spring brings blooming customer experiences, thanks to the latest major release update in the Avangate platform. Allow me to introduce you to the Avangate Spring Release, featuring an extended ordering API, deeper self-service configurability of the ordering process and enhanced shopper support through an upgraded myAccount area (end-user portals) and localization capabilities.

Ordering API

Avangate opens up the eCommerce platform with an API that brings software and SaaS vendors new monetization opportunities “at every customer touch point”. This is done by embedding merchandising, ordering and subscriptions management within the customer’s specific context, while maintaining a consistent customer experience. Here are some of the API capabilities:

  • Retrieving and displaying rich product information and pricing directly on your website, in your desktop product, web application or in your Facebook app ;)
  • Payments handling – depending on your company’s level of PCI DSS compliance/certification, you can use the “New Purchase” API to handle all details your customers fill in, including sensitive cardholder data.
  • License details accessing and management
  • Customer data updating
  • Subscriptions renewals and upgrades handling

API use cases are limitless. Think advanced custom shopping carts, any-platform-any-device-commerce, including mobile and social, branded app stores , single-click in-application acquisitions, cross-selling, upgrades and branded, embeddable shopping experiences.

Shopping cart interface spring look

Three more templates have been added to the Interface Template Gallery for the ordering process, optimized for SaaS selling and for more interactivity in the cart. Use the new templates together with the updated purchase flows, to get a fresh new look this spring!

But don’t trust only the new templates to freshen up your sales – make sure to constantly test your cart conversions as well. I recommend taking a look at the updated version of the “Analytics miniBible for Software Vendors” eBook for the latest analytics tips and hacks tailored to your needs.

myAccount 2.0 with a spring look –  customizable by you

The shopper area used to track orders, manage product downloads / subscriptions and customer details can now be branded to match your vendors’ website look and feel. Choose the best color palette directly from your Control Panel “Interface Templates” area and instantly change your myAccount today.

myAccount 2.0 enables software vendors to offer self-service order and acount management capabilities to their customers. This means that buyers can self-manage their purchases:  download the latest version of a product, renew or upgrade their subscription, change the credit card details used during the ordering process and view their account and payment history.

Get closer to your shoppers

Because from now on your shoppers can get phone and email support in Dutch as well. And your shoppers have even more local payment methods available:  Direct Debit in Austria, Dankort for Denmark, Ukash for anonymous cash supporters everywhere and CashU for in Middle East and North Africa.

Stay tuned for Slovenian and Hindi ordering languages, as well as for a plethora of Chinese debit cards available soon in an Avangate shopping cart near you :).

Salesforce integration with Avangate

This spring also brings the standard Salesforce Integration add-on, bridging your Avangate and Salesforce accounts. You can take advantage of this to manage Avangate orders information directly into Salesforce, as well as shopper and license info.

This particular choice of developments could not be made without your constant feedback and feature requests, that guide and help us shape the Avangate solution. Big thanks to all of you who kept in touch! Keep the feedback going and let us know what’s next on your agenda.
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