How can web presence be improved with images?

1 minute

Our aim is to sell software and not to socialize with family or friends, you probably think, so what good could a bunch of pretty pictures bring to business? Well, we think there is potential in images, especially in photos when it comes to better promoting your website.

So we’ve started by posting to Flickr photographs taken during our participation to different events. Then, we’ve used the Flickr widget on Avangate website.

After just a relative short period of time of using Flickr, we can name three benefits:

  • We gained time and space – updating photos on Avangate corporate website is done by easily uploading photos to Flickr and then the widget does the rest;
  • We are social networking easier – the Flickr images may be easily added to Facebook or Myspace accounts and even to social networks aggregators such as SecondBrain;
  • Google likes it – unless it has a bad day at work, Google shows the Avangate results on Flickr on the first page – which makes us feel that sharing company photos on Flickr is SEO friendly. Moreover, the online reputation can be managed with Flickr, since you are controlling at least partly what images appear in Google universal searching.

We are not the only one doing it. After a quick search we found that IBM, Symantec and Bitdefender also use Flickr for various business goals.

If you know more ways of promoting your website using images, share it with us, by using the comment box.

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