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You know how each company has the smart guy, the lazy guy, the fat boy and the blond secretary? And from all these human typologies, I’m… the blogger guy. That’s why they trusted me enough to write the first post and jump start the Avangate blog. Still, I can’t play around with the new toy as I can see Adriana’s critical eye watching me over the desk (she’s our Web Marketing Manager) making sure I don’t make any mistakes or blogging donts.Avangate Blog is Live

Let me start and build some anticipation and say what this blog is about.

Some of you have already met some of us at conferences and found out that we are nice guys, but for the rest, the blog is the best chance to get to know better the people behind the Avangate ecommerce provider.

Working with hundreds of software authors in the last years helped us get heaps of knowledge and deep understanding of the online software sales, so you will also get a little bit of that.

Some of us used to work previously at shareware companies, and we can relate to what you, the software author do, more than you can imagine. And what better ways to prove it than through a blog? I’ve always said that knowledge, ideas and stories get their value from being shared with the World.

Staying up to date with what we have to say about shareware, sales, marketing, SEO or affiliates is quite easy: you should tune your rss reader to our feed: or maybe even subscribe by email. We might be also talking about conferences, people we meet and latest trends.

Now, our colleagues just returned from SIC 2008, and I have the feeling we will have a blog post about that. Probably some pictures too. So, who’s next?

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