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5 Tips To Manage Your Long-Tail Affiliates

It’s likely that only 10-20% of your affiliate pool drives most of your sales. Whether you call them top affiliates or trusted business partners, it’s normal to look at your affiliate program succ

5 Things Affiliate Managers Must Do Every Day

Managing an affiliate program isn’t easy. There’s a lot to do, and it can be hard to divide up your time correctly. To help you achieve affiliate management success, we’ve compiled a list of fiv

Promote The Best Tools to Manage PDF Files – Affiliate Products

As a software and digital goods affiliate, you probably know that many of your clients deal with PDF files every single day. Whether it’s editing, converting to text or extracting data to Excel, tas

Promote 20 Exclusive Deals in Our Affiliate Spring Sales Campaign!

Spring has come and we have prepared a record 20 deals campaign for our affiliates! If you haven’t checked it yet, you should know that top digital goods brands have set up to 75% payout and up to 7

Meet Us at the Affiliate Summit East 2016

The most popular affiliate event of the year is fast approaching and we’re preparing to head to New York once again for Affiliate Summit East 2016! If you want to meet up with us and discuss busines

4 Major Reasons to Sell Digital Goods as an Affiliate

You might already be an active affiliate, but are you making as much money as you could? Here are four big reasons to start selling digital goods to maximize your affiliate revenue.
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