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As a software and digital goods affiliate, you probably know that many of your clients deal with PDF files every single day. Whether it’s editing, converting to text or extracting data to Excel, tasks involving PDF files can be difficult and time-consuming without the right tools.

Selling the best all-in-one PDF tool is the most effective way for you to attract an audience of people who work with PDFs regularly.

What options should an all-in-one PDF tool offer?

  1. Deal with multiple PDFs at once.
  2. Edit scanned PDFs or text in images.
  3. Extract data from multiple PDFs to Excel with simple clicks.
  4. Create interactive form fields and recognize form fields automatically to collect data from many people.
  5. Protect sensitive information.
  6. Approve and sign documents digitally.
  7. Flexibly organize, extract, insert, split, rotate and delete pages.
  8. Convert PDF documents into Word, PPT, Excel, HTML, text or image files.
  9. Mark up PDFs by adding text, comments or stamps.
  10. Secure PDFs with password protection.
  11. Convert standard PDF files to the more enduring PDF/A format for long-term archiving.

The Avangate Affiliate Network is offering the best deal for promoting the perfect PDF tool for your clients: grow your business by adding the latest Wondershare product, PDFelement 6, to your product portfolio today!

Wondershare PDFelement is the one-stop shop for everything related to PDF files, including editing, converting and filling them out seamlessly. PDFelement 6 comes with lots of new features designed for everyone, ranging from simple PDF users to savvy users who need more powerful PDF solutions.

Commissions & rewards

We’re offering 40% commissions for every PDFelement 6 product sold, and you can earn even more if you make over $8000 in sales in a month.

Frequent Coupons and Discounts

As an affiliate, you’ll get a chance to reap the rewards of frequent promotions, not to mention the exclusive coupons Wondershare offers to key affiliate marketers.

An Affordable, Industry Leading Product

PDFelement 6 is quite affordable, with the professional version going for just $99.95. The real beauty is that PDFelement is in demand across every industry, from finance, banking and manufacturing to insurance, education, healthcare and more

Join Wondershare’s affiliate program today and start generating sales with PDFelement 6!

Don’t hesitate to contact Wondershare’s Affiliate Manager Jenny for more details and requests.

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