2Checkout Unveils New Zen Cart Connector

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Our top priority is to continuously improve our offerings so we can help merchants expand their online businesses and increase their revenue. That’s why we recently introduced the new-and-improved Zen Cart Connector.


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Zen Cart is a free, open-source shopping cart software designed to help merchants launch and maintain their eCommerce business with little to no programming skills required. Zen Cart started as a software fork that branched from osCommerce, and it was built based on the needs of both merchants and shoppers, offering benefits such as:

  • Support for physical and digital products, as well as services
  • A complete package of solutions for online businesses (features like billing, product display, multi-language options, different currencies, etc.)

Zen Cart is mostly used by small and medium-sized businesses that operate in the Retail, Restaurants, and IT Services industries.


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The new Zen Cart Connector strives to help eCommerce businesses attract more customers and increase their revenue, while providing a better experience for both merchants and shoppers. The new connector is designed to replace the older Legacy 2Checkout integration and provide online merchants with superior capabilities through new ordering engines like ConvertPlus, Inline Cart, and 2Pay.js.

ConvertPlus simplifies the process of collecting payments from your customers while offering them a straightforward buying experience. Meanwhile, InlineCart addresses the buying experience differently by seamlessly auto-advancing shoppers through the checkout, without redirecting them to extra pages.

You can also opt for 2Pay.js which collects payment sensitive data via API and directly sends it to 2Checkout, without passing the data through the merchants’ systems.

Switching over to the new Zen Cart Connector will bring many other benefits, such as:

  • Optimized eCommerce experience for merchants and shoppers
  • Highly improved ordering process, with more features and functionalities
  • Increased conversion rate, generating more customers and revenue
  • Better and more intuitive checkout flow for shoppers


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The new Zen Cart Connector is available for 2Checkout accounts that use the 2Sell or 2Subscribe package. Existing merchants who currently use the Legacy 2Checkout Zen Cart connector can update their integration to the new version at any time.


Any questions regarding the integration with Zen Cart? Our Knowledge Center outlines the necessary steps to complete integration, so don’t miss out!


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