Industry Buzz – September 2017

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Fall is finally here! Along with changing leaves come Q4 preparations!

As always, this month’s industry buzz is full of valuable advice for skyrocketing your sales. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


The holiday season is a tremendous marketing opportunity for businesses of all verticals and sizes. It also puts companies under a lot of stress, much of which may be alleviated by proper planning and preparations. If you are aiming for success during these upcoming holidays, don’t miss this webinar with digital marketing expert Geno Prussakov of AM Navigator! Steer clear of the unnecessary distractions and  spend your time and energy on sales, instead.


Wolfgang Digital’s 2017 E-Commerce Benchmark KPI Study gives eCommerce marketers great insights to help them understand which metrics drive and maintain eCommerce success. It reveals the state of play in the industry over the past year and helps digital marketers make better digital marketing decisions.


When selling products and services online, it’s best to have control over the shopping experience throughout the digital lifecycle. Download this free eBook and get the best tips on how to increase shopping cart conversion rates for your software or SaaS business.


As a software or SaaS entrepreneur, you already know how difficult it is to decide upon a digital commerce platform to use for selling your products or services online. That’s why this webinar is a great starting point for figuring out which solution will be the best fit for you.


Today, the average SMB uses 20 paid SaaS products across their organization. In just two years, the average SMB has quadrupled its spending on SaaS. These growth trends have big implications for everyone in the SaaS ecosystem, from investors to builders to consumers. Keep on reading to learn more about the impact.



Software business models are changing in many ways. Software buyers expect individualized products, they ask for more help, transparency and ease of use. Software suppliers move to SaaS and bring new offerings to market. Read on for more details on how to future-proof your business model.


A good start for a retention strategy is having your baseline metrics on customer renewal rates. The next step would be to craft and implement the actual strategy that will improve renewals. Part of it must be to make it easy for your customers to renew their subscriptions. Check out these seven tips for simplifying the renewal process.


There are a lot of CRO expert tips to try, many of which are compiled in long, endless articles. Sometimes it’s easier to learn using visuals because the information tends to stick better. We collected 15 killer infographics that will teach you everything you need to know about conversion rate optimization.


Affiliate marketing is an efficient growth channel for software and SaaS businesses, but reaching success takes more than just signing up for a network. With a properly managed and optimized affiliate program, sales can go up with 25% on average. Defining and following the best strategy to increase affiliate sales is not an easy task, but this e-book has answers to many of your questions.


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