Industry Buzz – October 2016

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Hi sellers!

We’re excited to bring you the monthly Industry Buzz, with information about trends in the software and online services industry, as well as tons of great links to articles about the global software market, new approaches for go-to-market and on how to protect your software against piracy. Enjoy these resources to help you win in this rapidly changing market. 

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  • If you are a software vendor about to release your product into the market, consider familiarizing yourself with these safety precautions in order to safeguard yourself against the riveting consequences of digital piracy.
  • Get the best practices for creating awesome landing pages that convert, and specific tips for A/B testing your landing pages from experts Duane Brown of Unbounce and Shannon MacLeod of Avangate.
  • Check out Avangate’s 2016 yearly benchmark report on Digital Commerce Trends in Software & Online Services Sales, which shows that consumers of software, SaaS and online services are getting smarter by putting security and convenience first.
  • Many businesses fail to realize that customer retention has more impact than efforts to acquire new customers. Find unique ways to keep your existing customers because they are your greatest source of revenue.
  • Did you know that domestic payment methods and currencies can make international customers feel more “at home” in your shopping cart to result in higher conversion rates? Check out this datasheet that dives deep into payment methods by region and at country level.
  • The fast growing e-commerce markets in Europe and the increasing usage of the Internet for electronic business has ensured that the software market in Europe continues to thrive as well. Check out this recent forecast, opportunities and trends for the next 5 years.
  • B2B companies should be aware of this new go-to-market approach for emerging technology markets, which focuses on verticals, rather than company size.
  • Here are the main steps for setting up and running a successful CRO program, with greater focus on the purchase funnel and shopping cart, as they’re the most critical to reducing revenue leakage in the acquisition stage of the digital commerce lifecycle.
  • Check out the new Avangate Knowledge Center, with a streamlined design and all the content you need for your business to succeed with Avangate.
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