Industry Buzz – March 2020

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Hi, sellers!

We’ve rounded up some resources meant to shine a little light on the impact this crisis is having on businesses: how to navigate it, how it’s going to change the payments and eCommerce industries, and how to achieve success while working remotely.

When you feel like taking a break from what’s happening in the world, consider taking our survey on subscriptions. It’ll take your mind off things, we promise.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into our suggestions for this month!

These days, working remotely has become a common practice, rather than an exception. However, it takes a great amount of discipline and responsibility to do it right and be productive. Consistent scheduling, setting boundaries and limiting distractions, staying connected with your team – these are all things you need to have in place.

Give a try to these 6 tried-and-true best practices for staying successful while working remotely.

Malwarebytes Teams With 2Checkout to Increase Conversion Rates

Shoppers prefer a shorter or longer cart flow based on best practices and cultural norms in their country. Malwarebytes, an endpoint security provider, partnered with our CRO Services to answer the question: which cart flow will maximize revenue in top countries for Malwarebytes website and trial software?

Our latest case study will show you how split-testing the number of pages in the purchase funnel has provided a 12-39% increase in cart conversion rates in top countries for Malwarebytes.

Vlad Bisceanu, Conversion Rate Optimization Team Lead at 2Checkout, will share his best learnings on checkout page optimization in VWO’s upcoming webinar. As our case study with Malwarebytes demonstrates, different countries have distinct preferences in terms of cart flow. For example, users from the U.S. prefer a short, one-step checkout experience. Conversely, certain countries from Europe, like Germany and France, prefer reviewing their order before placing it.

Stay tuned for VWO’s upcoming webinar on April 15 to learn how to boost your revenues by localizing and optimizing your checkout funnel.

How to Optimize Your Checkout for International Markets Webinar

Who would have thought that a health crisis would impact the consumer behavior? As isolation and social distancing measures are imposed by governments across the world, surveys show that more and more consumers avoid crowded public spaces, stores and shopping centers included.

So, it is no surprise that eCommerce sales have surged even amongst the traditional laggards of this shopping experience – older individuals. This situation is very much an opportunity and a challenge alike for online merchants.

Have you ever thought of leveraging psychology in your business operations?

For instance, you can try color psychology, or you can use storytelling to stand out amongst all the noisy content. The human brain is so intricate that there are so many different ways you can take advantage of it to sell more, and we summed up 22 tactics that you can mix and match to achieve this goal.

There is a large plethora of effects that the crisis has on the payments industry. The number of contactless transactions is increasing in many regions. The growth of global payment systems that rely on foreign travel is expected to slow down. At the same time, the loss of dollars coming from foreign tourists could be compensated by more cross-border eCommerce purchases.

This article will help you understand the many sides of this unprecedented situation.

Information security is a major component of your online business. The bitter truth is many online businesses are not prepared to face potential cyberattacks and data breaches.

To establish a secure system for online businesses and their customers, the Payment Card Industry has come up with a set of rules and requirements to ensure that cardholder and sensitive authentication data is safely processed, stored and transmitted. This article will walk you through the steps of becoming PCI DSS compliant.

Pro tip – You’ll also discover several ways in which you can reduce the complexity of this process.

We are committed to helping merchants stay on top of industry trends and better understand end-customers’ needs and preferences.

So, it’s that time of the year! We’ve recently launched our Shopper Survey to identify trends and insights about shoppers’ experiences with subscriptions. If you’ve purchased a subscription in the past year – either for digital products or physical ones, please take four minutes to complete our survey.

2Checkout Shopper Survey

If you’re up for it, there’s a surprise waiting for you upon its completion.

Erich Litch, 2Checkout’s President and COO, recently shared some useful tips with regards to payment data portability and control. More often than not, the “data hostage” problem arises when a merchant decides to use another provider for its subscription business but and the existing provider puts up roadblocks in making that transfer or simply refuses to provide the data.

Find out how to avoid such a situation.

CommerceNow 2020

We couldn’t be more excited about CommerceNow 2020! With so many physical events being canceled or postponed, we remain focused and commited to our virtual event in June. We want you to stay safe and inspired, so we’re bringing you the latest practices and tips on eCommerce, digital marketing, conversion rate optimization, customer experience, compliance, pricing, and other key areas for your online business.

Almost a dozen speakers are already lined up for the virtual event, including Trevor Hatfield, founder and CEO of Inturact; Purna Virji, Senior Manager of Global Engagement for Microsoft; Olga Andrienko, Head of Global Marketing for SEMrush; and Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder of Salesflare.

Save your free spot today as seats are limited and prepare to step up your eCommerce game. Cannot wait to meet you on June 10-11!

This month has been a challenging one for all of us. What learnings have you gained, business-wise?

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