Industry Buzz – June 2017

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Happy summer! As the weather heats up, we hope your sales do too. You can ignite them further using this month’s resources, which show how to seamlessly transition to subscriptions, share new eCommerce trends and cover easy (easier) ways to generate B2B leads.

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In almost every are of B2B, from online forms to accounting, subscription are the normality rather than the exception. But if you if you stay up to date with the SaaS and B2B trends you may have noticed some articles spelling doom and gloom for Software as a Service. Is SaaS dying? Or just maturing? Read on and decide for yourself!

Digital transformation means business transformation. Artificial intelligence is causing ripples across the industry. Customer expectations continue to rise due to an improved digital experience. It’s time to get even more aggressive about transforming your company!

Another month, another client success story! Visicom Media increased conversion, internal efficiency and revenue with 2Checkout’s Avangate digital commerce platform. 2Checkout also helped Visicom launch subscriptions for their ManyCam range of products for the first time, beginning the company’s transition from lifetime licenses to subscriptions and recurring revenue. Check out the full version of this case study, for more insights!

eCommerce continues to grow and the competition together with it. Want to stay ahead of your competitors? We recommend keeping an eye on current eCommerce trends and integrate what makes sense to your industry into your marketing strategy.

Whether you call it window shopping, comparing prices, exploring gift options, or just forgetting, it’s followed by abandoning the checkout process. We’ve outlined the main shopping cart abandonment reasons for software & SaaS shoppers. Now let’s look at how you can bring them back.

Improving acquisition is not just about recovering shopping cart abandons. Download this free eBook and get the best tips on how to increase shopping cart conversion rates for your software or SaaS business.

Of course you need to generate more leads for your business right away. But what are the best ways of doing it? Here are 10 tried and true tips you can implement now to get the momentum going and start acquiring more leads. They involve Q&A sites, blogging, customer reviews, live chat and more!

Migration to a subscription model is as inevitable as the move to the cloud. And even though it might be happening slower in some software segments, bringing obvious challenges, it is definitely happening. But before switching to the subscription model, you might want to read this short checklist, to make your migration successful.

And if you want more than a short transition checklist and want to dive deeper into what makes a transition to subscriptions or SaaS successful, we recommend checking out this free Whitepaper. It provides details on transition models, best practices on getting the right pricing, metrics to analyze your company’s health and much more.


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