Industry Buzz – June 2014

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Enjoy this month’s snackable bites of commerce and digital news from across the web.

  • How will Amazon’s new offering disrupt commerce? And will it be a hit with consumers?
  • Products are dead. We are surrounded by services. They have become so pervasive, we don’t even think of them as we use them. A recent consumer survey that Avangate conducted revealed some interesting new data around online services. Here are some of the key findings.
  • For a SaaS business, there’s the usual list of compelling reasons to focus on the States, but here’s why you can’t afford to miss the Asian SaaS boom.
  • Learn the difference between a complete commerce platform and just payments, and discover how Avangate can help companies accelerate their online digital revenues worldwide.
  • New 2014 survey results offer a look at how CMOs are allocating budgets and prioritizing investments. But how should you use the data? Gartner offers a few suggestions.
  • SaaS companies care a lot about client retention and business optimization through automation. Here’s an example of a SaaS company that increased retention by 20% and improved customer experience with Avangate. The company can now go to market twice as fast due to the platform’s strong subscription management and self-service capabilities.
  • Launched during the Google Analytics Certified Partner Summit, new “Enhanced Ecommerce” functionality across the platform represents a fairly huge step in customer understanding for Google Analytics. See what’s different in this latest version.
  • Selling digital goods and services to a global audience needs a combination of smarter payments, commerce, and distribution. Download this whitepaper on “Go Beyond Payments” and learn why it’s time to put an end to the bleeding of revenue caused by a narrow focus on payments.
  • The Brazilian market is in a league of its own, with very particular legislation and taxation impacting cross-border purchases, capable of posing difficulties to international companies. Here’s a short list of the best practices that you need to be aware of when selling online in Brazil.
  • According to Supreme Court, software patents need to get specific.

Thanks for checking out this month’s digital buzz. Stay tuned for more!

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