Industry Buzz – January 2020

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Hi, sellers!

This month, we’re focusing on creating the best in class eCommerce strategy for 2020.

First of all, we’re taking a look at the trends, then we go on to growth strategies – think creating the perfect pricing page, mastering SEO techniques that matter, and leveraging technology to your benefit – to conclude with the events you shouldn’t miss this year.

Let’s have a look!

We’re proud to announce that our Avangate Affiliate Network is leading mThink’s Blue Book in digital goods for the sixth year in a row, reinforcing its leadership in the affiliate industry. mThink’s Blue Book Top 20 is the biggest and fairest evaluation of the best performance marketing networks in the world.

Success is achieved by working hard and taking an example from others who’ve already paved the way you are walking. To inspire you, we went over some interesting success stories from our client base, which is comprised of merchants selling products and services online, and extracted seven valuable lessons for your eCommerce business. These will help you make better business decisions along the way.

Our eCommerce Trends Survey results are now out! More than 1,200 global companies engaging in digital commerce have completed our survey, out of which 61% stated that they are planning to increase their eCommerce budgets in 2020. Read more about the findings and make sure you plan for the year accordingly!

Once your business starts expanding, you might find out that your current payment provider doesn’t have the flexibility needed to accommodate a growing business. So you decide to switch to another provider. But then you find out migrating your subscriptions is a dreadful and lengthy task. Erich Litch, COO and President of 2Checkout, explains how to complete this process.

The SaaS industry is still growing year over year and there’s plenty of space for new players. New verticals are emerging, unicorns are showing up everywhere, and growth hacking techniques are dominating startups. Given how dynamic the ecosystem is, you should keep up with the trends and make sure your business is taking advantage of them. This is how you stay on top of your competitors.

We just hosted a webinar with Dave Collins, SEO specialist and founder of SoftwarePromotions, on the latest Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks to leverage on your online strategy. He covers topics like how to create content that ranks higher, SEO tips for 2020, or best SEO tools and how to get the most out of them. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Pricing is that one [often overlooked] thing that can make or break your business. Even if you have crafted the perfect product, if it’s not priced for your target market then it can all go down the drain. That’s why choosing a pricing strategy is not something you want to play with. In this eBook, we will show you how to adopt an effective pricing strategy for your SaaS business, all while reviewing industry trends and best practices.

Kaspersky Labs was looking to increase their acquisition revenue and recurring annual revenue by optimizing their shopping cart. So they turned to the 2Checkout CRO Team to perform a series of a/b tests to optimize revenue per visitor (RPV) and auto-renewal opt-in rates. Their tweaks generated an 18% increase in revenue per visitor and a 19% decrease in the auto-renewal opt-out rate.

We came up with quite a list of events you should consider attending this year, depending on your business objective. It’s about time you start leveraging events at their full potential and start sharing experiences with the brightest minds in the industry. This will not only help you expand your network and knowledge but it will also bring your business in front of new audiences.

CommerceNOW, our annual online event on digital commerce everything, is returning this year with top-notch speakers. We’re now announcing April Dunford, Positioning Expert & CEO at Ambient Strategy, Trevor Hatfield, Founder & CEO of Inturact, Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder of Salesflare, or Paolo Ertreo, Product Designer at Dropbox. If you want to join the speaker lineup, just drop us your pitch at marketing[at]! Looking forward to reading your applications and don’t forget to mark your calendars for June 10-11.2020!

Without further ado, we wish you a successful year and plenty of growth opportunities!

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